Blog News 16/05/2022

SIM-Networks supports Ukraine: 50% off for Ukrainian companies & free hosting for NGOs

SIM-Networks has launched two offers in support of the Ukrainian economy and volunteer organizations working towards Ukraine’s victory. Learn more about these programs in this news update.

What do we offer to Ukrainian businesses?

Ukraine & Germany

In the first weeks of the full-scale invasion, activity was mainly observed among the company's regular customers from Ukraine. Many clients requested full IT infrastructure migration to data centers in Germany and the Netherlands. Businesses needed to secure data as quickly as possible: both in-house and professional data centers within Ukraine were under threat of physical destruction.

Within days, our client’s IT foundations were transferred to safe environments. The situation required a flexible approach in terms of bureaucratic procedures and the financial aspect, and our team adapted to the demands of the situation. This experience became the basis for our offer to Ukrainian businesses: 50% off on IT infrastructure, including clouds and servers, and free data migration.

How do we support Ukrainian non-profits?

As part of our support for the Ukrainian struggle, we offer free hosting resources & data migration for:

  • volunteers and other NGOs;
  • medical establishments;
  • paramilitary organizations;
  • non-profit psychological assistance projects;
  • schools and educational establishments.

This offer has no time limit; the organizations listed above can use the free hosting platforms for as long as needed.

How can my company or NGO take part in these programs?

If you are interested in the 50% discount on IT infrastructure, you can learn more about the conditions and ways of reaching out on the Limited Offers page. More information on free hosting for Ukrainian NGOs can be found on the Promo Deals page.

We hope that these programs contribute to the well-being of the Ukrainian economy, as well as the efficiency of organizations working towards Ukrainian victory.

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