SIM-Cloud BaaS got new options

Evolution of Backup as a Service

Many SIM-Cloud IaaS users facilitate their data safety by our high-end product SIM-Cloud BaaS — Backup-as-a-Service. SIM-Networks engineers developed this ready-made cloud service. So, SIM-Cloud BaaS exploits all technological advantages of SIM-Cloud IaaS, including high-availability, high-performance, security, and reliability.

But we consistently continue developing SIM-Cloud BaaS, and we gladly inform you that our engineers completed a set of activities aimed to optimize BaaS for increasing its efficiency.

Now, all our customers who use SIM-Cloud IaaS could benefit from a new option, SIM-Cloud BaaS (Local), which is designed specifically for the faster recovery of large amounts of data. New cloud storage that was launched in our protected datacenters in Germany allows realizing the SIM-Cloud BaaS (Local) option.

Thus, SIM-Cloud BaaS has two options:

  • BaaS (Local) — backups are located in the same datacenter in Germany as the customers' cloud instances are deployed. The Recovery Time performed by SIM-Cloud BaaS (Local) is 300-600 Gb per hour;
  • BaaS (Remote) — backups are located in another of our German datacenter that is remote from the main customers' infrastructure for a higher level of data security. The Recovery Time performed by SIM-Cloud BaaS (Remote) is 100-150 Gb per hour.

SIM-Cloud Backup-as-a-Service

SIM-Cloud BaaS (Local) allows recovering large amounts of data up to several times faster compared to BaaS (Remote). The option is designed especially for the customers who operate TBytes of data amount; by working with smaller data volumes (less than 200 Gb), the increasing recovery speed won't be significant.

So, we inform our customers that the SIM-Cloud BaaS changed its name to SIM-Cloud BaaS (Remote), and it is available to order along with the newly introduced SIM-Cloud BaaS (Local). Please, note that the service price is the same as earlier — for both BaaS (Remote) and BaaS (Local).

You can order SIM-Cloud BaaS via the SIM-Networks billing system: (SIM-Cloud (IaaS) → Configuration), or by contact with our Customer Care team.

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