SIM-Cloud: new features of BaaS

Evolution of Backup as a Service

A lot of SIM-Cloud customers use Backup as a Service (BaaS) product, which is a service of data copying into the cloud. BaaS was initially designed bearing in mind the architecture and technological advantages of our cloud-based IaaS, namely high efficiency, safety, and reliability.

The SIM-Networks developers have recently performed a set of activities aimed to optimize BaaS that led to an increase in speed and efficiency of the service.

Moreover, from now on our customers could benefit from BaaS (Local), which is a new option of data copying into the cloud, designed specifically for the fast restoring of large amounts of data. This was made possible by introducing a new storage within our data-centers.

  • BaaS (Remote) – backups are located within a remote data-center (Germany). The speed of restoring is 100-150 Gb per hour.
  • BaaS (Local) – backups are located within the same data-center (Germany) as the customers’ VMs. The speed of restoring is 300-600 Gb per hour.

Evolution of Backup as a Service infographic

Storing of backup copies on site allows restoring large amounts of data up to several times faster minimalizing the time consumed. The option is designed particularly for the customers whose data volumes amount in TBytes: when working with smaller archive volumes (less than 200 Gb) the increasing of operating speed won’t be that much evident.

Our customary BaaS service changed its name to BaaS (Remote) and is available to order along with the newly introduced BaaS (Local). Please note that the service costs remain unchanged and are the same for both BaaS (Remote) and BaaS (Local).


To make an order use our billing system (SIM-Cloud (IaaS) > Configuration) or contact our Customer Care team. Simply create a ticket and our operators will expand the resources of your cloud in no time.

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