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Tech Lead
Dmytro Kostinov

Dmytro has been working in the industry since 1996 and was directly involved in the implementation of the internet in Ukraine. Develops new services according to the clients’ specific requirements and expands the features of existing products. Proficient in CEPH, OpenStack, Open vSwitch, KVM/QEMU and more. In his free time, Dmytro enjoys riding his bicycle and his motorcycle, as well as spending time with his dog.

Infrastructure Administrator
Ivan Bruienko

Ivan is an experienced administrator specializing in custom networks for client IT infrastructures, as well as the company’s internal projects. He is proficient in Proxmox and is responsible for building private cloud solutions based on this virtualization system. In his private life, Ivan is the ultimate handyman who can fix or build almost anything.

IT Infrastructure & Tech Support Team Lead
Mykhailo Moskaliuk

Mykhailo is an experienced specialist with 14 years in the industry and is responsible for the development and continuous support of all projects created for our clients. Proficient in OpenStack, CEPH, KVM/QEMU, Open vSwitch and more; specializes in public and private cloud solutions. Mykhailo prefers to spend his free time on outdoor activities and has a great sense of humor.

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