Cloud Migration

Business data cloud migration

SIM-Networks, with its firm customer-centric approach, offers the service of cloud migration to all of SIM-Cloud IaaS customers. Move your IT infrastructure to the cloud and gain all the advantages of using future-proof technology. Cloud is a reliable, flexible, and cost-effective solution that perfectly matches to run sophisticated and resource-intensive tasks without investment into purchasing the expensive equipment.

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Benefits of the migration business to a cloud solution

Reliable data protection

Flexibility and scalability

IT operational costs reduction

High-availability and reliability

Does business really need in a cloud migration?

Our current IT environment changes the infrastructural strategy from focusing on on-premise data centers or even single servers to high-end cloud solutions with safe data storages, high-availability, scalability, and high performance.

All of the customers’ data in our solutions are located in the datacenter in Germany that ensures its full physical and legal protection. The high-quality enterprise-class equipment provides an outstanding reliable cloud operating in peak workloads. This infrastructure solution can be easily scaled, meeting the needs of business growth.

Due to all these benefits, more and more companies prefer to move to the cloud for running their critical applications and deploying corporate infrastructure.

Migration to the cloud is easy and safe

Some companies are uptight about downtime their infrastructure and loss in profits due to missing availability of IT services. Another great concern is the risk of data loss during the migration process.

SIM-Networks has a large portfolio of successful projects, and our vast experience ensures that you shouldn’t have any misgivings about moving to the cloud. Our top-notch experts will help you at every project stage. We will specify together with you the best time for moving your resources to the cloud and avoid most of the risks of your IT systems and apps downtime. Important! We back up all your critical information before migrating to ensure your data security. You will be able to restore your data on demand at any moment of time.

Also, you can order a free trial of our cloud IaaS by contact Customer Care, and competent support experts will answer your questions.

Milestones of cloud migration

1. Project scoping

We estimate the current IT infrastructure and all its capability including systems and applications, the number of employees who need access to the corporate IT, the existing software and needs in capacities.

2. Requirements collection

We collect all workload requirements, all needs in software, and take other special aspects on board designing the cloud infrastructure with fullest meets all your expectations.

3. Commercial offer

We draw up the commercial offer based on preliminary analysis and your company’s financial expectations.


We plan the best time for moving your infrastructure, make backup your data, and provide the migration of your IT infrastructure to the cloud solution.