Cloud Security Services - Hardware-based Encryption

Hardware-based Encryption

Protecting data from unauthorized access is one of the most important tasks for any hosting provider. Everyone solves this problem in their own way: sometimes more, sometimes less effectively, according to their resources or possibilities.

For SIM-Networks, data security entrusted to us by customers is an absolute priority. To increase the physical protection, we use – among other things – the hardware encryption on our side.

These are special high-speed modules built into modern data storage devices (SSD and others). Encryption and decryption are done on-the-fly without sacrificing performance and without slowing data read / write speeds.

This mechanism does not restrict users in their work, yet provides more confidence in the security of the company. Even if you imagine the impossible – for example, the attacker steals one (or more) volumes from the rack in the data center - they will find absolutely no decipherable data.

This method is much more reliable than encrypting data arrays by a user before sending data to a storage in the cloud: the "human factor" can never be completely ruled out (lack of professionalism, errors in organizing password storage or malicious intentions). The modules of encryption and decryption controls in data storage clearly lack all these human weaknesses.

Finally, we destroy the entire content when exchanging stored plates (in case of scheduled replacement or after detection of a malfunction). There are several algorithms, and the built-in hardware encryption is the fastest and most reliable way. After the destruction of the "key", the attacker can impossibly read and exploit fragments of the stored data.