Enterprise cloud

Enterprise cloud

The enterprise cloud is the solution that drastically upgrades your approach to the corporate IT infrastructure.

Cloud solutions are flexible and scalable, and these capabilities allow them adjusting to changes in business needs and requirements, persisting the maximum stability and high-availability of your business applications.

Each of the enterprise cloud solutions building by the reliable German provider are based on the business specifics, and its requirements to data security, workload, computing efficiency, and availability. High-performance professional equipment by the leading global vendors ensures the future-proof and reliable cloud for business by SIM-Networks’ individual approach to customers.

Highly-demanded Enterprise cloud services

Public cloud for business

SIM-Cloud (IaaS)

The public cloud within the Infrastructure-as-a-Service model perfectly matches to small and medium-sized companies

Private cloud for company

Private cloud

The most secure, convenient, agile, high-available single-tenant cloud solution with the advanced privacy protection for large company or enterprise

Hybrid cloud for company

Hybrid cloud

Efficient blending on-premises applications with public IaaS within the hybrid architecture gives your company a perfect cloud solution for business in case of sporadic peak loads

The essentials of an enterprise cloud computing

Nowadays, cloud services are the innovative infrastructure solutions highly demanded by forward-looking business from SMB to large corporations. The essential benefits of this type of company infrastructure are the following:

  • Data safety and information security protection
  • Scalability and 24/7 secured access to virtual resources
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • High availability, performance, and reliability

The enterprise cloud services rent is a brilliant way for fast and effective, creating the high-available IT infrastructure with outstanding performance to run your critical business apps, and manage workloads effectively. We can choose an individual config of virtual resources to meet your company expectations. Our clouds are based on the enterprise-class hardware located in the protected data center in Germany.

We care about your infrastructure cybersecurity by providing various hardware- and software-based measures to ensure the customers’ data security in our enterprise cloud solutions. Our Backup-as-a-Service can upgrade your data safety — the cloud backup XaaS developed by the provider’s engineers. This service allows saving your data backup archives either in local or remote storage.