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SIM-Cloud is a protected and high-available cloud with excellent core performance for companies. Use Backup, VPN, Firewall, and many other XaaS in fast and professional cloud infrastructure. Choose resources to deploy your safe and reliable cloud infrastructure.

Standard vCPU
Power vCPU
hardware based full disk encryption

Hardware-based Encryption

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Storage system
CS1 (Cold Storage)
GS1 (General Storage)
BaaS Local
BaaS Remote
Network infrastructure
Virtual router
VPN Tunnels
IP addressing
Floating IPv4
1 IP
IPv4 Subnet
IPv6 Subnet /52
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Standard vCPU: 1

Power vCPU: 0


CS1 (Cold Storage): No

GS1 (General Storage): No

Backup (Local): No

Backup (Remote): No

Virtual router: 1

VPN Tunnels: No

Floating IPv4: 1

IPv4 Subnet: No

IPv6 Subnet /52: No

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SIM-Cloud IaaS Technology Stack


SIM-Cloud IaaS: Essentials

Remote data backup
  • Platform: OpenStack
  • Virtualization: QEMU/KVM
  • Data storage system: SDS Ceph
  • Computing: Intel® Xeon® E5-2697v4, Gold 6240, Gold 6246
  • Any operating systems can be installed
  • Easy to manage via web and API
  • Cloud network: VXLAN Ethernet 10-40 Gbit/sec
  • SAN: Fat Tree Infiniband–network 56 Gbit/sec
  • WAN: 1-10 Gbit/sec
  • Types of drives: NVMe, SSD, SATA
  • Redundant architecture on all components
  • Full data replication

SIM-CLOUD BAAS — Cloud Backup-as-a-Service

Incremental cloud backup
The incremental backup type that allows reducing the time of backup creating and drive space to store backup copies
Local data backup
BaaS Local:  saves backups in the same data center (Germany) where the client’s virtual machines are deployed
Remote data backup
BaaS Remote: saves backups in a remote from the main infrastructure datacenter in Germany
Data transfer via dedicated channels for cloud SIM-Cloud
Secure data transfer via dedicated channels
Full data backup All kinds of data those can be backed up
Outstanding RPO and RTO
Outstanding RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective)
Dashboard for cloud
You can activate and manage BaaS using the control panel SIM-Cloud Dashboard
Availability using Dashboard or API
24/7/365 availability using SIM-Cloud Dashboard or API

Benefits of the cloud IaaS

Costs-effective corporate IT infrastructure

Costs-effective corporate IT budget

Capital and operating expenses

Cost allocation from CapEx to OpEx

Scaling cloud infrastructure

Easy and fast scalability

Secure iaas

High-level security protection

Cloud Server rent

Deciding to rent a cloud infrastructure solution, you definitely keep your options open, and search answers for the standard questions:

  • What kind of virtualization technology had been used for the cloud building?

  • How an IT infrastructure provider ensures cloud security and data protection?

  • Is this cloud infrastructure high-availability and what does a redundancy type use?

  • What kind of instances are available in the cloud? Or, maybe, it is not a cloud at all but just a set of virtual dedicated servers?


What is Cloud IaaS?

Virtual server rental in the cloudRent of a cloud virtualized server is the hottest hosting service offered by many of the infrastructure providers. But be careful — not of all services named ‘cloud’ are cloud actually! Sometimes you can be offered a usual virtual server — VPS — which have deployed at the cluster of two or more dedicated servers. Sure, this environment is far from true cloud solutions, and users who rent those types of quasi-cloud VPS don’t get all cloud benefits. As a rule, low price is the only advantage, — and no more: no scalable resource enlargement depending on workload, no flexibility, no options to flexible network environment managing. In opposite to SIM-Cloud IaaS, users of ‘cloud VDS’ have no options to customize a network connection among virtual machines (instances) deployed in a cloud – e.g., virtualized routing, vRouters, and VPN set up, so on.

Users of IT solutions within the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model, can use different storage types for various kinds of data and apps in their cloud project — for example, use general storage for applications with typical or high workload, and cold storage for backups. Besides, SIM-Cloud IaaS allows its customers using high-performance storage, a wide range of XaaS, including Backup-as-a-Service, VPN-as-a-Service, NAT-as-a-Service, DNS-as-a-Service, Notification-as-a-Service, etc., and many features with the capabilities which are not supported by ‘cloud VPS’.

SIM-Cloud IaaS is the Safe Cloud Infrastructure

Building protected high-available SIM-Cloud, we implemented cutting-edge technological solutions to ensure the high-end quality of our IaaS. We declare, that SIM-Cloud responds to the strictest estimation criteria of that kind of project.

SIM-Cloud IaaS is a protected public cloud based on reliable enterprise-class servers, network equipment, and software manufactured by the global leading vendors. It was created by the team of top-notch engineers using the OpenStack, the most popular cloud-operating platform maintained by leading IT industry players, e.g., IBM, AT&T, Canonical, HP, Nebula, Rackspace, Red Hat, SUSE.

We understand a protected cloud IaaS service as a solution that ensures physical security of the core infrastructure, high-availability and fail-safe working of the equipment, stable workability of virtual infrastructures and particular customers’ servers in the cloud, and data security. SIM-Networks, the reliable German provider of IaaS solutions and IT systems, manages its cloud protection on these levels:

  • Deployment of SIM-Cloud Infrastructure in Tier III and Tier III+ class datacenters, certified by ISO/IEC 27001, and located in Carlsruhe, Germany.

  • Apply the enterprise-level computing equipment for building the high-available and high-performed infrastructure with N+1 redundancy of resources. Each of the racks is a general element of scalable system. Even if a whole rack fails down, it won’t be a critical event, and it has no impact on the system's workability.

  • Ensure the reliable information isolation of each customers within the multi-tenant cloud IaaS. All users are ‘invisible’ to each other due to software-based isolation measures and have no ability to get data from their ‘cloud neighbors’, that guarantees total confidentiality.

  • Renting our OpenStack-based cloud solution, you get a full-fledged tool to solve efficiently various practical tasks, from the creation of a single virtual server (instance), up to deployment a large corporate IT infrastructure in a cloud. Thus, our cloud solution matches the business of any size.

Cloud Server CalculationSIM-Networks, the German Cloud IaaS provider, use a customer-centric and individual approach to every project. Our Customer Care is always ready to help you. In addition, we migrate your infrastructure to our cloud environment free.

Cloud Server, like each cloud project or practical task, needs to be learned in detail. We are ready to converse with you and give you as much as possible the information about SIM-Cloud IaaS, cloud servers, data security in the cloud, backup in the cloud, and the measures to ensure redundancy and high-availability of our protected cloud. Contact our Customer Care, please, via chat or by email.


Which OSs can I install to my cloud infrastructure project?
SIM-Cloud Dashboard contains a variety of available to install operating systems’ images. You can choose a preferable OS image and deploy your instance (virtual machine) easily. By default, all images of operating systems to SIM-Cloud are in trial versions or license-free software. The customer bears full responsibility for obtaining a software license. You can purchase a license on your own, or use the licenses you have purchased before, or request SIM-Networks to obtain the licenses on your behalf.

Nota bene, that installation OS from your own images that are not listed at SIM-Cloud Dashboard is prohibited by default in connection with the strict cloud security protection rules. If you have not found in our OS’s list the operating system you need, please, contact our Customer Care, and SIM-Cloud Team experts will help you.

How can I be sure of my private data protection in the public IaaS?
In SIM-Cloud IaaS we isolate the data and the applications running on virtual machines by KVM hypervisor. Customers’ data traffic in private networks is protected by VXLAN, which prevents access from one isolated network to another. These technologies ensure that all of the customers’ information is isolated from each other. Besides, you are free to use extra data and network traffic encryption mechanisms additionally to our technology stack.