Cloud Data Backup service for business

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SIM-Cloud BaaS is guaranteed protection of your data. We use both cryptography and hardware to secure your data. To be able to restore your data after a loss even in case of a failure, a natural disaster or a ‘human factor’ impact, these data should be backed up into a storage as frequently as possible.

SIM-Networks provides the best technological and cost-effective solution called SIM-Cloud BaaS – a cloud data backup service. Since BaaS is one of the services of our cloud-based IaaS, it was designed and developed for a cloud architecture right from the start. In other words, BaaS possesses all technological advantages of SIM-Cloud that facilitate high performance and robustness of our cloud infrastructure. SIM-Cloud BaaS meets high KPI in terms of RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective): an average RTO is 15-30 minutes.
How does incremental backup work

We took into account the needs and requests of our users and introduced new functionality into the SIM-Cloud infrastructure, which gives our clients two options in terms of a data backup storage. From the technical standpoint, it is now possible because we have added a new storage into one of our data centers.

BaaS (Remote) – saves backups in a remote data center (Germany). Data recovery speed is 100-150 GB/hour.

BaaS (Local) – saves backups in the same data center (Germany) where the client’s virtual machines are deployed. Data recovery speed is 300-600 GB/hour.

Local and remote cloud backup

On-premise backup storage highly impacts the speed of deploying big amounts of data and reduces the recovery time exponentially. It is important to note, though, that for security reasons it’s better to keep backups and the basic infrastructure in different data centers.

Thanks to the introduction of a new service, our clients can now choose which option works best for them depending on their goals and challenges: high-speed data recovery with BaaS (Local) or enhanced security with BaaS (Remote).

Important notice

ATTENTION! You can request a cloud backup SIM-Cloud Baas service at the cloud infrastructure order (calculator) page. Those client who already user SIM-Cloud can request a backup service within the billing section or by contacting our Customer care expert using a ticket system on our website.

SIM-Cloud BaaS benefits

SIM-Cloud management console

An easy-to-use control panel gives access to all features of SIM-Cloud and its additional services.

All types of data

The service works with all types of data available for backups (1C database, MySQL, MS SQL, Lotus Notes, MS Exchange Server etc.)

24/7/365 availability

SIM-Cloud Dashboard is a consistent multi-user solution and is available any time from any device and at any place.

Top-notch technical support

Our services are created and maintained by a team of seasoned professionals with strong expertise in the realm of IT infrastructures.

4 reasons to use SIM-Cloud BaaS

Incremental cloud backup
Save time and space thanks to incremental backups
Outstanding RPO and RTO
Good performance in terms of RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective)
Data transfer via dedicated channels for cloud SIM-Cloud
Secure data transfer via dedicated channels
Dashboard for cloud
Easy setup and control powered by SIM-Cloud Dashboard


Which RPO anf RTO are considered to be high?
The RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) should be as close to zero as possible, which, by the very notion of those terms, is almost impossible. Anyway, the lower is the value of those parameters, the better. SIM-Cloud BaaS facilitates minimal (as adjusted for the size of array) recovery time (RTO).
What is the difference between BaaS Remote and BaaS Local?

BaaS Remote saves backups in a remote data center (Germany). This service is more reliable in terms of data integrity and caters for data recovery speed of 100-150 GB/hour.

BaaS Local saves backups in the same data center (Germany) where the client’s virtual machines are deployed. It caters for higher data recovery speed - 300-600 GB/hour. The BaaS Local service is more suitable for backing up systems with high requirements in terms of the recovery rate that are not risk-sensitive. Can be combined with the conventional BaaS Remote.