Cloud Backup (BaaS)

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A cloud backup solution ensures informational security and helps business to avoid disasters of critical corporate data by saving backups archives in remote cloud storage. All you need is to choose the right service that creates copies of your critical files and transfer them to the remote storage automatically by a schedule set by you.

Backup service in the cloud IaaS of the best German provider

SIM-Networks provides the best technological and cost-effective solution called SIM-Cloud BaaS. SIM-Cloud BaaS is an item of the XaaS-portfolio of our cloud IaaS. This service designed and developed for SIM-Cloud. Thus, BaaS uses all technological advantages of SIM-Cloud that facilitate high performance and robustness of our cloud infrastructure. SIM-Cloud BaaS performs high RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) metrics — e.g., RTO, on average, is 15-30 minutes.

How does incremental backup work

SIM-Cloud BaaS delivers your data protection. We use both cryptography and hardware-based encryption to secure your data. To be able to recover your information as a whole, even in case of a failure, or acts of nature, or anthropogenic disaster impact, you should back up your critical data into storage regularly, systematically, and according to a schedule.

SIM-Cloud Backup service types

Meeting the current demands of our users, SIM-Networks introduced to our customers two options of a data backup storage location:

  • SIM-Cloud BaaS Remote – saves backups in a remote data center in Germany. The data recovery rate is 100-150 GB/hour.
  • SIM-Cloud BaaS Local – saves backups in the same data center (Germany) where the client’s virtual machines are deployed. The data recovery rate is 300-600 GB/hour;
Local and remote cloud backup

Using online data backup service in a cloud is much more efficient than on-premise backup storage. So, you can choose the type of data backup service developed especially for SIM-Cloud users depending on your priorities.

Use SIM-Cloud BaaS Local is better if you are sensitive to a high RTO. Storing of backup data in the same data center where the main infrastructure deployed, highly raises the rate of recovery significant data amounts and reduces RTO. But if security reasons are most valued for your project, you'd better order SIM-Cloud BaaS Remote, and diverge backups and the main infrastructure to different data centers. Note that choosing any from two options of the backup service in SIM-Cloud have no impact on pricing.

Rental cloud IaaS with the backup activated simultaneously, can significantly enhance your data security. SIM-Cloud BaaS can cover a backup service demand of every business, even large enterprises, and multinational corporations.

Important info about SIM-Cloud Backup as a service

You can order SIM-Cloud BaaS while combining a public cloud IaaS SIM-Cloud within the cloud configurator. If you already use SIM-Cloud, you can order the backup service through the billing system, or by contacting our Customer Care.

SIM-Cloud BaaS benefits

Ready-to-use service in SIM-Cloud

You can manage BaaS using the control panel SIM-Cloud Dashboard, a unified multi-user solution.

All kinds of data to backup

The service maintains almost all of the existent services — e.g., a Terminal Server, a Web Server, an Email Server, a Database Server (MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, etc.), and so on.

24/7/365 availability

You have access to your SIM-Cloud BaaS settings and change them at any time from any device from everywhere in the world.

Top-notch Technical Support

Our service is created and maintained by a team of seasoned professionals with strong expertise in IT infrastructures.

4 reasons to use SIM-Cloud BaaS

Incremental cloud backup
An incremental backup saves your drive space and time
Outstanding RPO and RTO
Excellent RPO and RTO metrics
Data transfer via dedicated channels for cloud SIM-Cloud
Secure data transfer via dedicated channels
Dashboard for cloud
Hardware-based encrypted backup storage

What does mean RPO and RTO in backup and disaster recovery?

RPO and RTO are the key metrics of backup and disaster recovery operations. The RPO is a Recovery Point Objective, which is the maximum allowable age of backup copies that can recover the full-functional system and without critical losses. In other words, this is the relevance of backup, the limit of acceptable loss of information.

The RTO is a Recovery Time Objective is the maximum time for the system recovering. This metric is very valuable for business because it determines downtime costs.

Sure, in a perfect world, RTO and RPO should tend to zero. But the current technology does not achieve it yet. Now, lower the RTO and RPO metrics mean the better your data protection.

Which values of RPO and RTO are good?

The RPO and RTO should be as close to zero as possible, but it is almost impossible. Anyway, the lower is the value of those metrics, the better. SIM-Cloud BaaS delivers minimal — as adjusted for the size of the array— recovery time (RTO).