Configuring RAID10 on LSI MegaRAID Controllers

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The procedure for creating RAID10 on LSI MegaRAID controllers is somewhat opaque. Let's consider it step by step using the SAS 9260-4i model and four SATA HDDs as an example.

When booting the system, press + to enter the LSI MegaRAID configuration interface.

As you know, RAID 10 is RAID 1 + 0, that is a set of RAID 1 logical storages glued into one logical RAID 0. Let's create a RAID 10 using the "Configuration Wizard".

Specifically, in our example, it is necessary to create two Drive Groups, each of which is assigned two HDDs. Other configurations may have more Drive Groups depending on the number of media.

Now the created Drive Groups need to be added to the Span.

And at the last stage, we proceed to create RAID 10 directly.

To set the maximum allowed size for a new virtual disk, use the Update Size button, and then click Accept.

This completes the RAID 10 creation procedure.

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