Configuring Intel i210 and i217 network cards on Linux Debian v7.XX

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The easiest solution seemed to be to try installing a test build of Debian "Jessie", that's the future eighth version, fortunately, the core is fresh there and it supports Intel i210 and i217. But Jessie had problems with the apt package manager: version conflicts between the newly installed software and the existing one, and the ISPmanager installer generally gave an error: “Can't get information about available packages”, as it turned out because one of its components terminated work in an emergency.

Therefore, I had to look for a way to run Intel i210 and i217 under a stable version of Linux Debian v7.XX. Since it is not possible to install it from the netinst CD image under these conditions, we do it from the DVD. The first disc will be enough. At the end of the installation procedure, we get a working system, but without a network. To fix this problem, the drivers will have to be compiled and installed manually.

We go to There we need archives with two drivers: for i210 - igb, and i217 - e1000e. If there were no complications with the latter. that's the most recent version at the time of writing these lines was assembled and installed without problems, then igb v5.1.2 with the Linux core v3.2.0-4-amd64 does not compile: 396/ If there is a newer release by the time you are reading this, try it. If not, then you should take v5.0.6.

Download the archives "e1000e-" and "igb-5.0.6.tar.gz". Since the installed system does not yet have network access, to copy these files, you should create an ISO image with them and mount it in a virtual DVD drive via IMPI.

Before you start compiling on Debian, you need to install two packages with the necessary utilities and kernel header files for this. All this is on the first installation DVD: mount /media/cdrom0 apt-get -y install build-essential Linux-headers-amd64

Next, unpack the archives with the drivers and, by the instructions from the README file, compile and install:

tar zvxf e1000e- tar zvxf igb-5.0.6.tar.gz cd e1000e- make install cd igb-5.0.6/src/ make install modprobe e1000e igb

As a result of these operations, network interfaces should appear in your system, which can be verified using the ifconfig -a command. They are configured in the usual Debian way.

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