Rent a Windows server

A checklist for choosing the best solution:

1. Software licenses

The cost of software is an important expense item. When choosing a hosting provider, please check the price and the availability of the necessary software. Microsoft updates the pricing for its products on an annual basis.

You can use a trial version of Windows Server for free for 180 days.

2. Required configuration.

Multiple solutions are available, including but not limited to virtual and dedicated servers as well as IaaS. Which of those is the best fit for you depends on the necessary resources and the task at hand.

  • An easy and cost-effective option is to rent a virtual server (VDS). Root access to the management, operating system and software installation. Compared to a dedicated server, this solution is considerably cheaper; however, the system performance is correspondingly lower, too.
  • A dedicated server, depending on its configuration, can work for most of the activities. For example, if you need more than 500 GB of disk space for file storage, a dedicated server is going to be more cost-effective than a VPS. An extra SATA drive for 500 GB will cost 8 EUR/month with free installation!
  • Virtual machines in the cloud (IaaS) are a comprehensive solution because of their scalability and excellent performance. The cost of such solution is near the cost of a dedicated server; however, the customization flexibility, reliability and fault tolerance are way better.

You can place an order for a Windows server right now! Speak to one of our experts and get their advice free of charge!