Secure and reliable dedicated SQL server

Best dedicated server for database

High-performance, secured, and the high-available bare-metal server is the perfect solution for MySQL, MS SQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, and other databases deploying. Choose a protected high-end SQL server enterprise-class in the Germany datacenter for your critical data! Our price for an SQL server is reasonable and a good deal.

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Essentials of SQL Servers

We ensure high uptime, up to 99,99%

Our top-notch multilingual Support is available on 24/7/365

We provide unlimited traffic for our customers

Redundant and secure hardware is located in Tier III+ datacenter in Germany

Use-Cases of an SQL server for database

Database for your web project

Databases which contain customers’ data, products, and prices, are the essential component of your e-commerce or other projects. Your business’ results depend on the security protection and high-availability of these data. So, it is critical to locate your webpage data at the protected and fast SQL server.

Business data

Every business crucially needs to put its data — product portfolio, inventories, financial accounts, etc. — to the place which is always accessible, and reliably protected. Those data are better to save at the hardware remote from the office of an enterprise.

Web development

Being involved in the web development process, you need a safe and reliable place for your working data. A dedicated SQL server allows developers to get quick and convenient access from any device, ensures a high-available and stable connection to the database for working purposes.

Big Data collection and analytics

Big Data analytics presumes the collection of data, its storing, scalability, and permanent access to processing the information. A dedicated database server perfectly meets its requirements. Note that you can specify the storage capacity by yourself, depending on your database volume.