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An enterprise server cluster with high performance is the reliable high-end solution that emphasized on high-availability, redundancy, and security protection.

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Advantages of a dedicated server cluster

Reliability and redundancy

Reliability and redundancy

Server load balancing

Load balancing


Permanent high-availability

High performance server cluster

High performance

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The essentials of a server cluster

Servers for the one-task operating

A high-available cluster architecture is a group of some server nodes connected by communication channels for closely working. Thus, the multiple software and hardware appliance looks like for the end user as the single unit.

Cluster for ERP system

Building a server cluster for ERP system deployment is the redundant, secured, failproof, load balancing, high-available, and high-performance solution for the uninterrupted operation and enhancing business efficiency

Custom-tailored server cluster

A server cluster contains at least two servers, but it is possible to compile a cluster of multiple nodes. Building a cluster, you can choose either some dedicated servers of standard configurations or compose custom dedicated servers

Enterprise-class equipment

Our datacenters use entirely professional network and server equipment from global leading vendors. The high-end quality of the equipment ensures uninterrupted and efficient operating of all infrastructure solutions built by SIM-Networks

Variety of clusters of servers

Variety of clusters of servers:

The high-availability cluster can be used in cases of necessity of a continuous working process due to equipment downtime or failures. This cluster is based on at least two servers with data storage. The virtualization performed by a hypervisor. The cluster workability ensured by workload balancing between nodes, and if the one node is down its capabilities performed by other nodes within the cluster.

The high performance computing cluster applies for high-scale tasks to compute that need a high performance, fast computing of information bulk, analytics, machine learning. The cluster operation based on the automatized tasks distribution amongst nodes, to consolidate all computing resources of the cluster to fast operate with the maximum efficiency.

The load-balancing cluster is widely used for high-loaded applications, first of all, ERP systems. The essential purpose of this type of cluster is balancing and equal distribution of workloads across computing resources of several nodes within the cluster. The load balancer as a component of the cluster solution architecture allows avoiding overloads of one of the servers. This type of server cluster architecture enables scalability. The load-balancing cluster builds on several cost-effective servers’ duplication.

Use-cases of a server cluster

Rent of a server cluster is a great solution that is much needed in any-sized businesses with high workloads or sophisticated technical requirements to availability and failover of computing resources. The most frequent use cases are:

  • Large e-commerce projects

  • BigData, analytics, AI development science or commercial projects

  • Financial institutions and Stock Exchanges

  • Business of any size with needs in high-load computing and databases

Server clusters ensure operational stability and uninterrupted work, which means high efficiency and profitability of these projects and companies.

The homogenous server nodes within a cluster are synchronized to deliver a failover redundancy. The high availability of the cluster ensured by the solution architecture — in case, when one node is failed or down, another node operates instead, and all data are duplicated in real-time.

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