Mac Mini and Mac Pro servers for rent

Dedicated MacOS Server

Renting a Mac mini or a Mac Pro

Renting a Mac mini or a Mac Pro is a great solution for working with macOS applications from anywhere in the world. At any time, remotely and securely.

Mac Mini – Start

Intel Core i5 CPU

2x 1.4 GHz cores


500 GB SATA drive

Intel HD Graphics 5000 GPU

Mac Mini – Basic SATA

Intel Core i5 CPU

2x 2.8 GHz cores


1 TB SATA drive

Intel Iris Graphics GPU

Mac Mini – Basic SSD

Intel Core i5 CPU

2x 2.8 GHz cores


240 GB SSD drive

Intel Iris Graphics GPU

Mac Pro

Intel Xeon E5 CPU

6x 3.5 GHz cores


256 GB PCIe SSD drive

2 of AMD FirePro D500 3GB GDDR5 VRAM GPUs

MacOS server benefits

Backup storage space in our data centers in Germany
Data rates can be extended up to 1 GBit/s and higher
Comodo SSL certificates for strong data protection
Comodo SSL certificates for strong data protection
100 MBit/s port by default. Can be extended up to 1 GBit/s and higher
Free dedicated 1 IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Entire subnetworks can be ordered
Аренда Mac mini или Mac pro
Up to 100 GB of the backup storage space — free

Backup storage space in our data centers in Germany

Your macOS server is single-tenant – you use its resources at a whole, not a virtual ‘piece-of-cake’

The equipment is located in the protected datacenters Tier III+ class

Several MAC Server Configurations are Available

Dedicated MacOS Server Add-ons

Free installation Mac mini and Mac pro

Free setup

Full root access macOS

Full root access

Unlimited traffic

Unlimited traffic

Secured infrastructure

Secured infrastructure


If you need to operate with macOS, but you only have a PC at hand, rent a dedicated Mac server. It matches both as a professional tool and for corporate needs. all benefits of macOS without purchasing Apple equipment . This webpage contains information on basic configurations of macOS servers. Individually customized configurations of Mac mini or Mac Pro with other disks and/or RAM are also available on-demand. Mac server is high-end and powerful equipment for any tasks.

Your macOS dedicated server will be activated from 2 hours to 2-4 business days after your order was paid. Anyway, we will do our best to complete your order for a server as quickly as possible.


XCode / iOS app development

You need work immediately, but all the available hardware has only Windows OS installed? Connect to the remote server and develop applications for macOS, using all the benefits of Xcode. Manage your projects, work with Git, run tests of iOS apps on multiple devices remotely, quickly, safely.

Apps development for any platform

Xamarin for macOS allows you to create applications leveraging a unified code base for Android, Windows, and iOS. Almost everything you can develop in Java, Objective-C, or Swift, you can code on C # with Xamarin for macOS.

Python and Ruby on Rails software development

A dedicated server with the macOS allows using various convenient development tools for many frameworks, scripts, and languages. So, there’s the best practice for Python and Ruby on Rails developers to choose MacOS.

Testing environment managing

Despite the stability and high performance of macOS, the reliable testing of apps developed for it is necessary. Rental a dedicated Mac mini or Mac Pro server is a brilliant solution in cases of testing software for macOS, iOS, and OS X Server.


A dedicated macOS server enables to host of any number of websites. You can easily manage you're your websites using the simple and intuitive interface of

Email server

An email server with MacOS allows operating the email clients on macOS and iOS. Push messages immediately inform the user about the new emails. OS X Server has embedded algorithms for spam filtering and virus detecting — thus, your email server has a reliable defense of cyberattacks.

iOS application access

You can chat with colleagues, view and send messages in iMessage even without your Mac at hand. You can easily connect to your Mac mini or Mac Pro server, and work with your good old-shoe apps from any PC or any devices even running by Unix/Linux or Windows.

FTP server

Using the SMB3 protocol for file exchange in OS X Server improves the security of file sharing. While transferring, the data is encrypted, and it protects your critical information from unauthorized access. So, feel free to share files, access documents on your Mac, PC, or iPad. Due to OS X Server using, you have wide options for setting up and controlling access rights.