GPU dedicated server for rent

Dedicated GPU servers located in Germany data centers

GPU dedicated server

Rent a server with GPU to high-load tasks. GPU servers by SIM-Networks are designed to speed up parallel task processing due to their computing power. If you are searching for a bare-metal server with the high-performance powered by an efficient graphics processor, you’ve come to the right place!

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Custom dedicated server configuration

Custom dedicated server

If you have some special requirements which cannot be covered by any of our standard server configurations, we have great news! Especially for you, SIM-Networks engineers will build an individual server configuration taking into consideration your business development and IT infrastructure scaling.


Benefits from rental of dedicated servers with a GPU in SIM-Networks

GPU server

High-end GPUs

Server Root access

Manage with root access

Free server activation and setting up

Free activation and setting up

Unlimited traffic

Unlimited traffic

High-performed GPU dedicated servers

The rental of a dedicated server with a graphics card processor is the best solution when CPU lacks computing capacity to deliver complex computing tasks. GPU dedicated server is perfect for you when you need a high-available powerful Enterprise-class hardware with great bandwidth and data security protection. So, rent a GPU server for streaming, rendering, modeling, deep learning, BigData, and so on.

Often, it is not reasonable to purchase and support on-premises equipment with top-notch components. For example, a high-performance graphics card computing power is needed only for several months, while resource-intenreasive calculations will be performed, or an increase in capacities will be required soon. Especially for these cases, SIM-Networks offers rental of a dedicated server with a GPU.

The GPU Servers in Germany

Dedicated servers by SIM-Networks are located at state-of-the-art datacenters TIER III+ class in Germany. The essential characteristics of our data centers are redundant power supply, duplicated connection to communication channels’ providers, top-notch access control, and fire protection systems. All of these factors ensure stability and security for your projects.

Contact us right away, and top-gun infrastructure engineers of SIM-Networks build for you a custom dedicated server with a graphic processor meeting all your expectations.

Dedicated server with a GPU: case studies by the provider

3D modeling

Use all resources of the GPU server for visualization of sophisticated 3D graphics, animation, and modeling.


Get powerful graphic cards for cryptocurrency mining without purchasing – only rental with the provider’s hardware.

Video streaming

Run your video streaming of any events continuously — without latency and overload your personal computer.


Multithreaded video rendering and animation processing.

Big Data processing

A powerful server equipped with a video card will significantly speed up the Big Data processing and analysis.

Deep machine learning

Advanced features to accelerate and automate all deep learning operations using additional capacities.

Artificial Intelligence

The creation and learning of artificial intelligence systems are much more efficient using the resources of a dedicated server with a GPU.

Physical processes modeling

A simulation of various processes for industry and medicine and test modeling using big data.