Rent an Enterprise server, be an Enterprise!

Dedicated Enterprise Server rent

Use high-performance and powerful dedicated Enterprise server for deploying your high-load projects and critical business applications. High availability and outstanding performance are the essential advantages of our dedicated servers.

You can order one of the ready-to-use configurations of Enterprise dedicated server for business, selecting the necessary number and volume space of drives, RAM capacity, and a range of options (e.g., RAID controller, operating system, or IP KVM). Also, if there aren't any configurations meeting your needs among ready-made, you can order a custom configuration, which will be precisely tailored to your requirements.

Order an Enterprise dedicated server


Our high-performance servers are optimal for essential business tasks delivering, and provide stability and fault tolerance. Main advantages for each server:

  • A connection bandwidth of 100 Mbit/s is provided by default, and it can be expanded on-demand to 1 Gbit/s and more
  • We guarantee uptime higher than 99.9%
  • Quick hardware replacement and professional support 24/7/365
  • Servers are hosted in Tier III+ class data centers in Germany
Enterprise Server rent Benefits

The best practice of using dedicated servers

Using Enterprise-class hardware will be beneficial to build a corporate server where a critical business environment will be deployed. You can be sure that even the highest-loaded and demanding applications will always be available without lacks in their performance.

Deploy any CRM or ERP system on a dedicated server placed in the protected datacenter in Germany. Thus, your corporate system will get the necessary resources, and you can control its performance. All of the system's users will get access to the working information from anywhere, and they will be able to work with data safely.

By renting a powerful dedicated server solution, you get 100% of its computing capacity for your use, which allows you to manage it by allocating resources to the necessary applications. It will ensure the stable performance of your business as a whole.



Custom server

Use our server configurator and create the server for your business tasks

Dedicated server cluster

Server Cluster

Create a High-performance and Failover Server Cluster

Enterprise cloud rent

Enterprise cloud

Move your IT infrastructure to our secure public or private cloud solutions for business