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The custom dedicated server or so-called custom bare metal server is a perfect solution if you need the extra-performance cluster or have individual requirements that the standard server configuration cannot meet.

Please, choose your CPU type from the drop-down list
Please, choose from the list a number of cores in each CPU
Please, choose from the list a number of cores in each CPU
Please choose from the list the number of the selected type of processors with the selected number of cores
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Combination of some types of drives is possible - just leave your comment to configuration
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Please, choose the required hard disk volume from the list
Please, choose the required hard disk volume from the list
Please, choose the required hard disk volume from the list
Please, input a number of hard drives with the selected space volume you need
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Individual solutions - is our expertise and we are ready to provide the necessary equipment and offer alternatives
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Our preferred hardware vendors

Intel Xeon Server
Fujitsu server
Dell Poweredge Server
Hewlett Packard servers
Cisco network equipment
Juniper network equipment
Supermicro server and network equipment

SIM-Networks benefits for custom dedicated server

Free server activation and setting up

Free installation and setting

Unlimited traffic

Unlimited traffic

Server configuration scaling

Easy scalability

Server secure

Secure and protected infrastructure

FAQ about the online-configurator of a custom dedicated server

Which components are used for my custom bare metal server?
Both for our standard server configurations and individual customization of servers, we apply components manufactured by the leading global vendors of the professional, enterprise-class server and network equipment. Those are Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Intel, Supermicro, Cisco, Juniper, and so on. SIM-Networks technical data sheets and requirements are extremely high (especially concerning the reliability and security), and we choose proven, highly-efficient, and certified solutions to provide our customers with truly the best configurations.
Can I make some changes to the configuration of the ordered server?
You can change anything in the individual parameters of your custom dedicated server during the project discussion time. Once the discussion finished and you approved and confirmed the order, we begin to build your custom dedicated server. If you change some details after the order confirmation, we are ready to consider a request, but we cannot guarantee it would be satisfied quickly. It depends on the availability of components at SIM-Networks spare warehouse or the possibility of unplanned orders from vendors.
When can I get my custom bare-metal server?
Your custom dedicated server will be activated from 2 hours to 2-4 business days after the server rental would be paid. The exact time of activation depends on the availability of components in our warehouse. Still, some components for a particular project might not be available, or their delivery timeline might impact the time for us to provide the server to the client. Anyway, we will do our best to complete your order for a server as quickly as possible.

The essentials of the custom dedicated server online-configurator

Using our online tool, you can build the equipment configuration with the possible meeting your project requirements. Rental the customized bare metal server is a flexible and cost-efficient solution. In contrast by standard dedicated server configurations, the custom dedicated server gives you the following benefits:

  • You can build your preferable configuration with a wide choice of CPUs, RAM, SSD drives, network settings, bandwidth, and other options
  • You can flexibly vary of components from different vendors
  • You can install any software to achieve more information security, or ensure data encryption on hardware base
  • You can combine the components to make the cost-reducing of the custom dedicated server
  • You can build the server with the performance rate you need
  • You can create a specific server solution for your requirements, e.g., for a private cloud, or without any virtualization (bare metal)

The customizations of your dedicated server allow you to get a high-available, custom-tailored solution for your individual business requirements. High-bandwidth communication channels ensure the high uptime guaranteed by SLA.

The online-configurator for bare metal servers customizations helps you to build an individual configuration your equipment based on the performance rate you need. Nota bene that components must conjoin with each other to work right.

Is your project sophisticated? Is your IT infrastructure complex and uses non-typical components? You’ve learned many offers from various providers, but still hasn’t met your requirements? Using the online-configurator by SIM-Networks, you can order any components for the configuration that you need.

The first step of you building up the custom dedicated server is the selection of CPU’s types, numbers, and a number of cores. Then, in accordance with anticipated loads and tasks, you can add to the configuration RAM, hard drives, RAID controllers, power supply units, network ports, IPv4-addresses, and other components.

It is easy to configure your individual custom dedicated server when you know exactly your project requirements, needs, and purpose. But anytime when you need an infrastructure expert consultation, do not hesitate to contact us – SIM-Networks Customer Care works for you 24/7/365 and always ready to help you.