Dedicated Servers in Europe

Rent dedicated server for the prices from 49 € per month

Dedicated server

SIM-Networks offers you to rent a dedicated server that is located at Tier III+ Data Center in Germany. You get a great bare metal server manufactured by the leading hardware vendors to deploy your business infrastructure, apps, systems, websites, and projects. And SIM-Networks provides high-availability, redundancy, and data protection.

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Intel Xeon E3-1230 CPU

4x 3.3 GHz cores

4 GB RAMCan be increased up to 64 GB

2x 500 GB drivesYou can install 2x SATA or up to 4x SSD

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Intel Xeon E3-1230 CPU

4x 3.3 GHz cores

16 GB RAM Can be increased up to 64 GB

2x 500 GB HDDBy default, each of the configurations contains SATA drives. You can order other drives up to 4x 3.5” or 2,5” instead

Extra options

Hardware RAID controller + BBU

Redundant power supply An additional power supply unit for higher availability

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2х Intel Xeon CPUThe following CPUs can be included within this configuration: Intel Xeon E5-2620 or Intel Xeon Silver 4208

16x 2.1 GHz cores

32 GB RAMCan be increased up to 512 GB

2x 500 GB HDDBy default, each of the configurations contains SATA drives. You can order other drives up to 4x 3.5”or 2,5” instead

Extra options

Hardware RAID controller + BBU

Redundant power supply An additional power supply unit for higher availability

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2х Intel Xeon CPUThe following CPUs can be included within this configuration: Intel Xeon E5-2630 or Intel Xeon Silver 4210

20x 2.2 GHz cores

32 GB RAM Can be increased up to 512 GB

2x 500 GB HDDBy default, each of the configurations contains SATA drives. You can order other drives, up to 8x 3.5” or 2,5” instead

Extra options

Hardware RAID controller + BBU

Redundant power supply An additional power supply unit for higher availability

Custom dedicated server configuration

Custom dedicated server

If you have some special requirements which cannot be covered by any of our standard server configurations, we have great news! Especially for you, SIM-Networks engineers will build an individual server configuration taking into consideration your business development and IT infrastructure scaling.



Server migration help

Migration support

Unlimited traffic

Unlimited traffic

Free server activation and setting up

Free activation and setting up

Free storage space

Up to 100 GB of data storage space

Customer Care


Competent and experienced, engineers of our Technical Support has vast expertise in IT. You can contact us at any time, even a late-night on weekends — and you always get a professional consultation and help. We quickly respond to customer requests, complying with the ironclad SLA.

Now, you should not waste time searching for contacts of various services — financial department, Support, sales department, etc. A single entry point for SIM-Networks customers' requests is CUSTOMER CARE.



Enterprise-class equipment

We can install any of Enterprise-class network equipment from leading vendors (Cisco, HPE, Juniper, Fortinet, etc.) on-demand.

Fault-tolerance infrastructure

We provide maximum fault-tolerance of network infrastructure due to duplication of equipment and commutation.

Project network configuration

We can build any network configuration within the project, using advantages from the equipment placement in different data centers.

Tier-1 providers

High-availability is ensured due to a duplicated connection of datacenters to Tier-1 providers.

high-speed internal switching (LAN)

We provide high-speed internal switching (LAN) in projects ranging from 1 to 100 Gbit/sec.

Dedicated L2 channels

Dedicated L2 channels up to 40 Gbit/sec are available. We also configure dedicated VPN connections on-demand.

Bare metal servers: Essentials

Tier III+ data centers

All our equipment is hosted at Western Germany high-tech and state-of-art TIER III and TIER III+ data centers certified by ISO/IEC 27001 standards.

Free customization

We install your server in our datacenter and customize it for free. Also, we are always available for technical consultations.

Enterprise-class equipment

We use a high-class professional server and network equipment manufactured by the global hardware leaders. It guarantees high performance, efficient work, redundancy, and high availability.

Quick replace components

We ensure the quick replacement of the failed units if spares are available at our stock.

Various OSs to install and software licenses rental

You can choose the operating system that will be installed on your bare metal server. If you need, you can rent a Windows license in SIM-Networks.

Data protection

German law in a high-secured data center in Karlsruhe protects your servers with all data. For the most advanced information protection, we recommend to set up backup.

Bandwidth from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps and more

All of the servers get high-speed connections with a bandwidth of 100 Mbps by default, but increasing bandwidth to 1 Gbps and more are also allowed on demand.

High availability

We ensure the high uptime – 99.9% time in the annual average. In case of infrastructure malfunction or failure, we guarantee the compensation of up to 60% service price.

Our partners, the hardware vendors

Intel Xeon Server
Fujitsu server
Dell Poweredge Server
Hewlett Packard servers
Cisco network equipment
Juniper network equipment
Supermicro server and network equipment


Where are the servers located?

The servers are located in Germany in secure and high-available data centers. We can also place servers at our platform in a data center in the Netherlands. To learn more about our data centers, please visit the webpage:

What are the benefits of having a bare metal server in Germany?

When you rent a dedicated server from SIM-Networks, you rent a dedicated server from a German legal entity. A server in Germany is perfect for projects aimed at the European market. It means top-notch SLA, German reliability, and resilience.

Rental a bare metal server in Germany is a perfect infrastructure solution for projects aimed at Euro-Asian and Middle East regions audience. The direct communication channels to the EU Tier I providers ensure high uptime and stable communications.

Proper European laws, legal and physical IT security, fair prices, ease of deployment, and high-end support at our data centers certified by Tier III+ are key reasons to choose SIM-Networks, the outstanding provider of cloud solutions, IT systems, and reliable hosting for business.

Can I compare different configurations for dedicated servers online?
There is a simple online configurator available for standard server configurations when you make an order on our website — you can choose the necessary parameters, add or remove extra options. As one of our clients said, renting a bare metal has never been easier! Besides, you can request changes to the installed components when making an order or apply them to the dedicated servers you have already rented.
Can I change the server configuration after the order is completed and sent?
Upon a request from a client, SIM-Networks engineers are available to make changes to the hardware configuration, e.g., to install extra drivers or a RAID controller, add random-access memory (RAM), connect the server to the channels with higher bandwidth. In that case, the cost of the rental bare metal server will be updated accordingly to the configuration changes.
How can I order a server with a custom configuration?

Please contact us by email at, or fill in the form here:

We can offer bare metal servers of almost any configuration. One of our key advantages is being flexible and professional when facing a challenge. Our technical experts will help you choose the best config, and perform all services from the initial consulting up to the hardware installation and setup. Thus, you will get access to your server fairly soon after the payment. Competent and high-end SIM-Networks support is available for you any time, 24/7/365.

Can I order drive space for backups?
We give you 50-100 GB of space in special storage free of charge for all bare metals except the standard config ‘Start’. You can rent extra space in the backup storage at any time you’d like. In case when you need to rent physical storage to store large volumes of data, we can do it, too.
What type of control panel can I install?

You can install any control panel for a dedicated server. The most popular control panels for managing web hosting are — cPanel, Plesk, ISPmanager, VestaCP.

If you order a new server, our engineers can install the necessary operating system from the listed on our website, and the web hosting control panel free of charge. You can also purchase a license for the ISPmanager control panel from us.

Can I have a communication channel with a speed of 100+ Mbps?
By default, every dedicated server goes with a channel of 100 Mbps. This bandwidth works for most of our clients. The channel can be extended up to 1 Gbps or more upon request for an additional fee.
Do I get root access to the server?

By default, every customer renting a dedicated server gets full access to managing the operating system, too. Upon the bare metal server activation, you get root access to it.

For security reasons, we recommend changing a root user’s password in the operating system installed right after the server installation and setup. In that case, you will be the only one having the authorization credentials.

If you turn to the support team to perform any activities related to the operating system administration, you will have to provide temporary access for the SIM-Networks support engineers, since the company does not log changes in the credentials to access the OS. In addition to the free-of-charge 24/7 support, you can also buy a server administration service.

As an extra option, we can provide you with an IP KVM, which you can order and use at any time.

Can I install an operating system by myself? (ISO image)
You can connect to a dedicated server using IPMI — it is an implementation of IP KVM. To enable the connection, please contact the support and order a special option. Use an IP KVM console to connect your ISO image.
How can I pay for SIM-Networks services?
We offer steady prices and convenient ways of payment. You can pay for SIM-Networks services, including the physical dedicated servers, in any way that works for you: by card, by a bank wire transfer, using e-cash or even cryptocurrencies.

You can also order

Dedicated server in Germany

Dedicated server in Germany

Rental bare metal servers located at reliable and safe Tier III and Tier III+ datacenters

Windows dedicated server

Windows Dedicated server

Custom-tailored bare metal servers for effective working with Microsoft software and ASP.NET.

GPU dedicated server

GPU dedicated server

Servers with GPUs perfectly match to tasks with the high-performance of computing capacities demand

Dedicated server in Netherland

Dedicated server in the Netherlands

Bare metal server in Europe is the best choice for heavy-traffic projects

Linux dedicated server

Linux Dedicated server

High-performed dedicated servers for high-loaded projects

Custom Server

Custom dedicated server

If our standard configurations don’t meet your expectations, you can order a Custom Dedicated Server

Important note

All bare metal servers with the standard configurations can be launched in the time from 2 hours to 2-4 business days depending on the components' stock availability. Launching custom dedicated servers may take a bit longer.

After your server’s launching, we will send you KVM access data by email. The KVM dashboard allows you to manage your server, including an operating system install (unless you’d choose the software installing by SIM-Networks tech experts).

In case when you choose OS Windows installation, contact our Customer Care and tell the product version and interface language you prefer. Note, that MS Windows licenses rental price is not included in a server configuration price, you should pay it additionally.

Cases when dedicated server rental is perfectly match

Bare metal server, or dedicated server, is your single-tenant physical server that is located at the hosting provider’s data center. You have root access and do not share the equipment capacities with anyone (as do it if you use a virtual server or webhosting).

A dedicated server is a perfect solution for large projects where high performance, high bandwidth, and system stability is crucial.

At the same time, there's not reasonable to use bare metal in cases of small tasks or low-loaded projects due to a relatively high price.

As a rule, dedicated servers choose SMB-companies to whom webhosting or VDS capacities are too little. Enterprise customers can deploy a corporate infrastructure or apps on remote dedicated servers — this is a more reasonable and cost-effective way to manage corporate information.

The rental bare metal server is a good idea for large websites with high traffic (e.g., e-commerce, media), and for high-load and complicated apps. Unlike hosting, a dedicated server can keep stable working under the high loads, and the response time does not decrease even during peak periods.

Benefits from dedicated servers in Europe rental

The essential benefits from SIM-Networks bare metal servers you get:

  • All of the computing capacities are used by the only one client — no other tenants at your server

  • Automatically set backup to remote storage ensures data security and its fast recovery in case of a failure, malfunction, or disaster

  • Germany location of server equipment protects your business information from unauthorized access

  • System administration and software installation is available to experienced admins and project customization to meet your expectations

Is a cheap dedicated server in Europe possible? In a certain way, yes. Rental bare metal server costs higher in comparison with webhosting or even VDS, but you get many more preferences and benefits. You pay a bit more, but you get a much more high-available, secured platform with high performance for your projects deploying. And you can order a cost-efficient bare metal server by choosing amongst standard configurations.

To guarantee stability and redundancy for your IT infrastructure, you can create even a dedicated servers cluster with the redundant power supply and network communications and data duplication