S3 compatible object storage

S3 storage in a cloud

Protected S3 cloud storage is an excellent solution for storing multiple file and media archives, backups, Big Data analytics, web development, and static content holding. The Germany infrastructure provider SIM-Networks offers a fast, scalable, reliable, multipurpose S3-compatible unified storage, without size limits. High of security level, availability, and data transfer rate are ensured by the storage based on S3 protocol. Order S3 storage right now, move on!

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  • Unlimited total data volume and number of objects
  • Storage capacity from 500 GB and more
  • Easy scalability on-demand via SIM-Cloud Dashboard
  • Instant activating
  • Cost-effective price and no hidden fees

Storage space

S3 cloud storage purposes

Storage for backups, multiple file archives, log files, etc.

Website static content

Corporate file archive with multi-user access

Backend, mobile and web applications, online games

Data Lakes, Big Data analytics and storing

Docflow systems storage

Data archive with quick access

Photo and video hosting

The essentials of S3-compatible object storage

Initially, the Amazon S3 bucket was created by AWS to organize unlimited data storage compliant to other AWS services. Now many providers use this technology to deliver their customers top-notch storage. S3 protocol allows shooting troubles of large data amounts storing due to no limits of storage capacity. And it is the essential diversity of S3 from FTP storage. S3 compatible object storage created by SIM-Networks engineers is based on Ceph technology combining with Amazon’s object storage protocol.

You can manage your S3 object storage of SIM-Networks using an intuitive control panel.

Have you still any questions about S3 compatible cloud storage? Our support is ready to help you always — do not hesitate to contact us all-around a clock.

Why should you rent object storage with the S3-compliance from SIM-Networks

Rolling Update

S3 protocol is still developing and upgrading continuously. It can be easily integrated into brand-new technologies and software solutions

Cloud storage

S3 is the storage that has been deployed in the cloud. Using it, you have a brilliant opportunity to learn cloud technology closely

Scale and unlimited capacity

The total volume of information that can be stored in S3 object storage is unlimited. This capability is very useful in terms of the infrastructure scalability


Instead of upgrading your hosting plan, or VDS, or dedicated server to store your static files, renting S3-compatible object storage will be more cost-effective for you

Backup storage

We have various backup storage solutions.

SIM-Networks also offers FTP and iSCSI storage solutions in protected Tier-III+ class datacenters in Germany. To order, please contact our Customer Care, and we will help you to choose the best solution to meet your expectations!