FTP, iSCSI, S3 storage for rent

Backup storage in Germany

Each project needs to have regular backups stored on a remote server to guarantee your data integrity.

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  • The convenient solution for backup storage
  • Cost efficient data store
  • Instant activation
  • Up to 10 FTP accounts for each plan
Extra options

Storage space

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  • A perfect solution for setting up backups among multiple servers
  • Quick activation
  • You specify the IP addresses for the iSCSI storage availability
  • No differentiation of data access rights
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Drive space

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  • Unlimited total data volume and number of objects
  • Storage capacity from 500 GB and more
  • Easy scalability on-demand via SIM-Cloud Dashboard
  • Instant activation
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Storage space

Benefits of storing data in Germany

All data are stored in an encrypted form on reliable servers within our data centers in Germany

Unlimited traffic

A 100 Mbit/s channel for all our users

When you place your servers in our data centers, 1 Gbit channel is assigned as an option

FTP dashboard: file manager, FTP accounts; resources, drive and traffic usage statistics

You can order a storage for any amount of data. Special terms for large and corporate clients

Access via an iSCSI or an FTP protocol at your choice

Lower cost of data storage space compared to the hosting and VDS fees

Important notice

Experts recommend making regular data backups and storing them on remote servers. Storing your backups and your project on the server is not a reliable option and it does not guarantee data integrity.

Cloud S3-compatible storage

Would you like to test a Cloud Object Storage with reliable information protection and unlimited storage size?

The S3-compatible storage designed by SIM-Networks’ engineers, ensures prompt access and storing almost unlimited data volumes due to quick and easy scalability. Amazon S3 API is supported.