Server colocation in Germany

TIER III+ Datacenter colocation

Server colocation to the Germany Data centers

To keep the high-availability and stability of your servers, we offer colocation in our datacenters of Tier III and Tier III+ in Germany. Both of the datacenters are certified in compliance with ISO/IEC 27001. Redundant power supply, duplicated high-bandwidth communication lines to connect with the global backbone, and multilayer security ensures the reliable working of your equipment.

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Benefits of the colocation in Germany

Secure data centers

Advanced protection

Fixed cost server colocation

Fixed price

Reliability of engineering systems

Reliable datacenter infrastructure

Improving hardware lifetime

Extended lifetime of server equipment


Where will my hardware be located?
You can rent a rack slot within the SIM-Networks’ service platforms at the following data centers: ISP-3 (ISO 27001:2013; TIER III compliant; Karlsruhe, Germany), ISP-4 (ISO 27001:2013; TIER III+ compliant; Karlsruhe, Germany), Serverius (ISO 27001:2013; TIER III compliant; Dronten, Netherlands).
How is the hardware secured?
The hardware located at our service platforms is secured by engineering services and the regulations of top-notch certified data centers. Besides, if you rent a rack, you can request access control to the hardware within the rack and online access to a 24/7 CCTV.
How do you prolong the lifespan of hardware?
The design of the modern world-class data centers takes into consideration the requirements for constant electric power supply without any steps that might affect sensitive electronic or electrical components of the hardware. Besides, when establishing a data centers, we take into account the requirements towards the air purity and temperature within the service zone, which plays a vital role in keeping the hardware performance. The conditions stipulated in a data centers have an edge over those you can arrange at your ‘in-house’ server room. That’s exactly what contributes to a longer and more productive operation of hardware you collocate with us.

Server colocation in details

Definitely, any company needs in at least one server to deploy there the corporate database, applications, mail server, or use it as backup storage. And this hardware has to work 24/7 with high-performance and be reliably protected. But its high-availability is a complicated and costly affair.

You need to ensure the redundant power supply, excellent cooling, and high-bandwidth connectivity to at least two independent ISPs. All these tasks can be resolved much efficiently and quickly in datacenters of the infrastructure solutions provider. Sure, you can rent a dedicated server in the secured datacenter, but you don’t have to do it if you want just to get advanced protection for your own physical server and extend its lifetime. The datacenter colocation hosting can help you!

By ordering the colocation of servers, you place your equipment in the reliable and protected datacenter in Germany. And the provider is responsible for its workability and high-availability maintenance.

SIM-Networks offers colocation hosting of the server and other hardware in high-end, professional datacenters in Germany. The reliable, high-availability, and security of your server colocated in our datacenters ensure:

  • The redundant power supply system;
  • Duplicated access to network connectivity by independent ISPs;
  • Multilevel access control, video surveillance system, secured the perimeter and premises;
  • Advanced fire prevention and fire fighting system;
  • Multilayer cooling and climatization system
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The server colocation in datacenters of the German provider is guaranteed reliability and security. Due to our data centers serving the Enterprise-class customers, colocation facilities provide only top-notch equipment and connection to the best Internet providers.

Server colocation in SIM-Networks datacenters

Keen price. The colocation service is not the rent of the equipment. By ordering a colocation in SIM-Networks, you just host your server and all infrastructure equipment in the provider’s datacenter. Your remote server is still your property, and you can bring it back on-demands.

Infrastructure maintenance and high uptime. You shouldn’t think about the power redundancy or stable Internet connectivity – your server is maintained, managed, and monitored by the provider to ensure high-availability and stable working of your equipment.

Your server is in Europe. Colocation in Germany ensures an extra defend of your equipment. It means that your server and your privacy are protected by the Law of the EU and Germany. So, not third-party access to your business data, no unauthorized removal of your property.