Hardware location at a TIER III+ data center

Server secure

Service platforms at ISO 27001 certified European data centers. Highly reliable, fairly priced.

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Benefits of colocation at a Tier III+ data centers

Secure data centers

High security

Fixed cost server colocation

Fixed cost

Reliability of engineering systems

Reliable services

Reliability of engineering systems

Improving hardware lifetime


Where will my hardware be located?
You can rent a rack slot within the SIM-Networks’ service platforms at the following data centers: ISP-3 (ISO 27001:2013; TIER III compliant; Karlsruhe, Germany), ISP-4 (ISO 27001:2013; TIER III+ compliant; Karlsruhe, Germany), Serverius (ISO 27001:2013; TIER III compliant; Dronten, Netherlands).
How is the hardware secured?
The hardware located at our service platforms is secured by engineering services and the regulations of top-notch certified data centers. Besides, if you rent a rack, you can request access control to the hardware within the rack and online access to a 24/7 CCTV.
How do you prolong the lifespan of hardware?
The design of the modern world-class data centers takes into consideration the requirements for constant electric power supply without any steps that might affect sensitive electronic or electrical components of the hardware. Besides, when establishing a data centers, we take into account the requirements towards the air purity and temperature within the service zone, which plays a vital role in keeping the hardware performance. The conditions stipulated in a data centers have an edge over those you can arrange at your ‘in-house’ server room. That’s exactly what contributes to a longer and more productive operation of hardware you collocate with us.