SIM-Cloud: Disk metadata and other BaaS improvements

UPDATE: Backup as a Service

The SIM-Cloud BaaS (Backup as a Service) offer is progressing all the time. Today we will tell you about the newly introduced improvements that our clients are already using.

1. Page load speed is optimized for activity logs page with large amounts of data. The activity log of backup copies is now loading much faster.


2. The logic for defining the day and time of creating a restore point is improved. Previously, the backup copy completion time was displayed, which was extremely different from the snapshot creation time for large amounts of data. Starting now, the date and time of creating a restore point coincides with the date and time of creating a snapshot.

3. The disk metadata now contain the backup copy information: to which data backup operation the disk is connected, the latest operation initiation time, the ID of the disk for which BaaS was set up.

Cinder API


Added and changed during the backup process:

  • last_backup_task_id = 18229 - ID of the task that performed the latest backup operation for that disk.
  • backup = active - This key means that the disk is connected to a backup, has a service snapshot and cannot be deleted.
  • last_backup = (UTC) Tue, 23 Jan 2018 00:00:13 GMT - The date and time of the last backup copy for this disk. The time is in UTC regardless of the time zone settings.
  • backup_job_id = 97 - ID of the task to which the disk is connected. If the disk is excluded from the task, this parameter will be removed.

Added to a disk recovered from a restore point:

  • restore_task_id - ID of the task that restored this disk.
  • restored_backup_point - The date and time of the restore point from which the disk was recovered.
  • original_volume_id - ID of the original disk that was backed up and from which this disk was restored.

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