Microsoft is updating license costs of its software

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For the users of Microsoft software, the New Year will bring price raising of Rental Rights licensing regarding some of the company’s products. According to Microsoft, the process will be held in two phases, the first one starting from January 1, 2018, and the second from January 1, 2019. On average, the prices will rise 10-15% per each phase.

Due to the manufacturer’s pricing policy, from January 2018 we will have to update costs of Rental Rights licensing on Microsoft software for our customers.

Starting from January 2018, the costs of Rental Rights licensing for the Microsoft products will be as follows:

  • The licensing of the new orders of Windows 2012/2016 will be carried out according to the number of server cores (regardless of HyperThreading technology). At least 8 cores are needed for the licensing. When necessary, further increasing is done in twos. The cost of license package for Windows Server 2012/2016 with 2 cores will be 4.52 EUR.


  • For the customers who licensed Windows Server 2008 or have placed their orders before 1/1/2018, so as not to switch over to a new system of licensing, the cost of a processor unit will be 20.90 EUR per month. For the new orders, the option of licensing by processor units is no longer available.


    • Example 1: The E3-1230 processor unit has 4 cores. Before the cost of the license was 19 EUR per month. From 1/1/2018 it is necessary to license cores. The minimum 4 packages with 2 cores each will cost 4*4.52 = 18.08 EUR, making it cheaper.
    • Example 2: The E5-2630 V4 processor unit has 10 cores. It needs 5 packages with 2 cores each, making it 5*4.52 = 22.6 EUR per month. In case the server has two such processor units, the cost doubles correspondingly.


  • The Datacenter release is licensed likewise, with the cost of license package for 2 cores being 31.40 EUR.


  • SQL Server will be also subject to price changing:
    • SQL Server Standard Core - 162,50 EUR
    • SQL Server Enterprise Core - 623,17 EUR
    • SQL Server Standard User - 17,56 EUR

License costs for the rest of Microsoft products will remain the same.

According to Microsoft, the raising of costs is driven by active product development, in particular, software for the cloud-based IaaS and PaaS projects, and implementation of innovative features. In 2018 the corporation hopes to provide its customers with more high quality and functional products.

We are sure that the quality improvements introduced within Microsoft software will exceed our customers’ expectations and make it worthy of its purchasing costs. For the detailed information on price changing please contact our Customer Care.

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