Conference «DPC-2017»: a great beginning of spring!

On March 1, 2017, in Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine the Xth International Conference “Data processing centers: BigData, IoT, cloud services” took place being annually performed by the core publication “Networks and Business”.

Conference «DPC-2017»: a great beginning of spring!

Certainly, SIM-Networks Company could not overlook the conference where it can share it experience and pick up the information from the reports of the colleagues in IT-industry.  Especially that the current year is an anniversary. Besides us the event was supported by Kyiv Smart City, Schneider Electric, “Megatrade”, ESET, Delta Electronics, Elcore, Dell EMC, Technoware, RRC, Rittal, Red Hat, Gigacloud, Synergia, SIBIS, “SV Altera”, “S&T Ukraine”.

Over 200 people attended the conference representing practically all spheres of Ukrainian economics, such as industrial companies, state structures, scientific organizations, communication operators, SMB, banks, insurance companies, etc.

The topic of speakers’ reports were set within the frames declared with event name: DPCs in various consideration perspectives, data storages, BigData and their control, Internet of Things, separate section was dedicated to personal best practices disclosed interesting cases from the experience of their companies, considered typical situations and answered the questions bothering the audience.

Dmitrii Yuferov, Head of Marketing, spoke at the conference on behalf of SIM-Networks representing the report about “What do the customers want and do not want: daily routine of hosting-provider growing at 100% par year”. The thing was about SIM-Networks’ company achievements at the Ukrainian and foreign markets, as well as about factors allowed the business of West German operator IaaS and hosting to grow at 100% per year. Brilliantly built information presentation strategy, live examples, artistic performance, deep contents – it may be easily said that the presentation of Dmitrii caused a furor in the hall and gained the affection of the audience.

Parallel to conference work the solution exposition of forum partners took place where in the segment of cloud infrastructures a stand and SIM-Networks was represented where with the clients and participants of the conference our employees communicated – Sergei Yanovskii and Konstantin Avramidi (В2В Department), as well as Dmitrii Brailko, Manager of Business Development.

Traditionally, the conference “DPC-2017” was accomplished by prize drawing and rewarding of the most active participants. SIM-Networks played certificates for our services in the amount of €500, €200, €100. The winners were awarded with the certificates by Konstantin Avramidi, Head of B2B.

But we know that value of the information obtained at the conference and made business relations are greatly superior to the nominal of all prizes!

Conference «DPC-2017»: a great beginning of spring!

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