SIM-Networks opens the door for children

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Everyone knows that children are our future. We are aware that any contribution to children today will return to us a hundredfold. That is why our company has decided to support the Open Door Charity Foundation (St. Petersburg), which aims to care of the children with developmental disabilities.


The main goal of the Foundation is to provide comprehensive social assistance to children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other developmental disorders.


Projects and tasks
One of the main tasks of the Foundation is to help children realize themselves in professional activities, thanks to which they could find their place in society.


More information about the Open Door Foundation can be found at:

“Currently, the Open Door Foundation is developing a project through which children with autism spectrum disorders can study in a comfortable psychological environment. For this, the method of applied behavioral analysis (ABA) is being introduced, which has received recognition and has proven its effectiveness throughout the world.

Unfortunately, we do not yet have such programs at the state level, although in many countries such a practice is already being introduced, ”says Inna Tikhonova, founder of the Open Door Foundation.

In our turn, we want to wish the Fund successful implementation of the work it has begun, as well as many kind and helping hearts around.


SIM-NETWORKS gladly provided the Fund with the opportunity to use free hosting service. We are proud to help the children with special needs learn and develop in a caring and warm atmosphere.


Doors of our datacenter are open for building children’s future.
WE are hosting KINDNESS :)

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