Case Studies 16/01/2018

BaaS restore speed optimization

The good news of SIM-Networks services: SIM-Cloud engineers have recently completed the optimization of SIM-Cloud BaaS (Backup-as-a-Service), an extra service within SIM-Cloud IaaS. The optimization has improved the backup/recovery performance due to enhance the configuration of the software-defined Ceph-based cloud storage.

As a result, the performance of volume recovery from backup was significantly increased. Thus, users of SIM-Cloud BaaS can recover volumes of their instances up to two-three times faster.

This capability will be especially useful for those SIM-Cloud BaaS users who operate large amounts of data — volume size over 500 GB. Customers who use smaller volume sizes could also feel the efficiency gain while performing backups, but their results will not be impressive. For example, the 500GB of data will be recovered from backup in 2 hours, but the backup recovery of a 1TB disk will need 4-5.

We recommend opting for high-performance data recovery to those SIM-Cloud BaaS customers who consider backup recovery time as mission-critical, or whose projects require volumes with data over 500 GB.

For the customers who have created backup tasks after November 1, 2017, the optimized service is available automatically.

BaaS Optimizing

The customers who are not sure of the date of task creation, but would like to leverage highly-efficient SIM-Cloud BaaS, should do the following:

  1. Contact our Customer Care to specify the job settings that oversee creating recovery points.

Please make sure that your message contains:

«BaaS Data Recovery Speed» in the subject of the message Exact task name

Our experts will check the provided information and suggest further recommendations for using the service.

  1. The new settings will be applied by default when creating a new job for the volume.

Please, note that to create a new task, you should delete the existing one and the backups created before. It is because the same volume could be assigned only to one task at a time. After the new task is created, the system will create a full volume snapshot as scheduled and proceed in making incremental recovery points.

Please, keep in mind that having deleted the old task and the corresponding recovery points, you will not be able to restore volumes using old backups. So we recommend you consider the much preferable option — either usage of high-speed data recovery or to save the capability of backup recovery in case of Force Majeure.




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