About us

SIM-Networks is a German IT company with the solid background and powerful expertise in IT, what has formed by long-term experience in Western and Russian-speaking markets. SIM-Networks provides a wide range of IT services: flexible and scalable IaaS, rental and sales of server equipment, colocation, FTP and iSCSI file storages, hosting, system integration and IT consulting etc. You will find the service exactly you need, and we will provide you with the best solutions – especially for you. SIM-Networks is the brand of the leading German hosting provider Netversor, and we serve our clients since 2006. Our equipment located on our own areas at highest-tech, modern certified data centers in Karlsruhe (Germany) and Dronten (The Netherlands).

SIM-Networks map

Our basic principle is to be professionals, with whom other professionals wish to work. That’s why:

  • We established excellent high-level infrastructure and work on the state-of-art server and network equipment in the high-technology data centers – we are serious persons, and we solve serious tasks with the serious approach;
  • We are not a reseller, we are financially independent, we are technically independent, and we do all our best to stable the status-quo;
  • We are proud of our partnership with the leaders of computing equipment manufacturing (HP, Fujitsu, Supermicro, Dell, Cisco, Juniper etc.). We use their equipment, they entrust to us, and we offer to our clients only that we tested and use on our own – because we set the highest value on the data safety and reliability of our clients;
  • All equipment that we use, both server, and communications, is the Company’s property, and this is one more our basic principle. Another one is our staff policy: all of our employees are permanently established, including engineers and technicians at data centers, and administrative crew, support, developers, and designers.

SIM-Networks is a totally client oriented company. It means not only listening but hear every customer, and to offer them an optimal infrastructure configuration taking into consideration real client needs and business requirements. We are geared towards to long-term partnership with our clients. And our SLA is the most important rule of our work. So, we have in our technical support team only extra-class specialists. They are always in touch with the 24/7/365 regime. We speak with the customer in four languages: RU, EN, UA and DE.

Our history dates back to 2006 when we acted as a SIM-Computer. Our strong expertise in IT consulting and system integration allows proposing to our clients the best infrastructure solutions and meeting their real needs and business requirements. In 2009, Hosting Department separated from SIM-Computer Holding into a specific business Netversor. From that time, we have been stepping up our competence and making our expertise systematically stronger. And in 2010, we launch the brand SIM-Networks for servicing Russian-speaking clients, in 2014 we opened a representative office in Kyiv (Ukraine). Now, our business coverage is global, really: our clients are located in 97 countries worldwide.

Our history


SIM-Computer: IT-consulting and web developments


System integration and hosting at Level 3 data center (Berlin)


Hosting resources relocation from Level 3 to Telemaxx (Karlsruhe)


Start of Russian and Ukrainian IT markets expansion under SIM-Networks trademark


More agressive market expansion strategy abroad


We are the leaders according to the customer (B2C/B2B) satisfaction independent polls


SIM-Networks® office opened in Kyiv (Ukraine) for Russian-speaking customers servicing


Cloud IaaS initial developments


SIM-Cloud productive launch


SIM-Cloud 2.0. Development of own products and services. Customers from 97 countries


Release of the SIM-Cloud 3.0! New happy customers


SIM-Cloud 4.0 release. Development and launch new services in the cloud

We are historically focused on the infrastructure development, and our cloud-based solutions resulted from our competencies and expertise growth in the core business, rather than the attempt to comply with the trend, involuntarily studying strange subjects. Quite naturally, we have created our Cloud Iaas SIM-Cloud. Quite naturally, we can organize your personal secure fault-tolerant infrastructure, as we know which solution is suitable for you.

We do not promise impossible things, but we do all the promised thing – possible. We are strong traditionalists in the service quality but we are brave innovators in all of IT. If you’d like to know what is real German punctuality, reliability, and stability, - welcome to us!