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Secure Public Cloud for Business

The public cloud is a safe and cost-effective solution for a business. SIM-Cloud is the cloud computing solution of the IaaS service model, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, built by SIM-Networks.

Within this type of cloud service, IaaS, many independent, isolated from each other, users work in IT infrastructure simultaneously. It is the essence of a public cloud – all customers’ data are strictly protected from unauthorized third-party access, including the cloud service provider. The ‘public’ definition concerns merely the cloud is multiuser-infrastructure in opposite from the single-tenant private cloud.

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Essentials of a public cloud

Within the IaaS model, servers, data storage, network equipment, and other infrastructure components are located in the cloud provider’s data centers. The provider is responsible for the workability, upgrade, and support of the equipment. In his turn, the customer of IaaS just rents a necessary part of these cloud resources. Parameters of the rental infrastructure the customer specifies by himself by choosing a CPU, cores, RAM, HDD space, network parameters, and so on.

All of the public cloud users get separated from other virtual infrastructure, and have no access to data and infrastructure of their cloud ‘neighbors’. It ensures total safety and privacy in a public cloud environment.

German data centers where SIM-Networks has deployed public IaaS SIM-Cloud, guarantee the data protection from physical access to the equipment, and information security measures provided by German law.

Who can use public cloud services

IT solutions within the public cloud model perfectly fit small and medium businesses that have no demand for large dedicated computing resources. A customer of a public cloud IaaS rents for a fullfledged, high-available, redundant, reliable, and budget-friendly IT infrastructure with data protection.

Renting a public cloud, you should not invest in a hardware purchase, maintain, and support. Also, you don’t need to recruit and keep a big IT staff to customize, support, and update your infrastructure. All issues concerning buying, setting, and upgrade of the server equipment and network infrastructure are in a cloud services provider responsibility. If part of the equipment has a malfunction or break down, this trouble also shot by a cloud provider, not you. Repair or replacement of hardware manages without your participation and any additional payments.

The key benefits from the public cloud solution:

  • Cost-effectiveness in compare with a private cloud building or on-premises server
  • You can rent only the computing resources you need, without overpayments
  • Your individual project in a public cloud can be quick, easy, and flexibly scaled on demand
  • SIM-Cloud protects your data privacy on hardware-level, by physical access restrictions, by geographical location, and by the law of Germany

Rental of the OpenStack-based public cloud provider’s solution SIM-Cloud is a truly cost-effective and technically advanced move for your business growth.

SIM-Networks presents its OpenStack-based public cloud IaaS
SIM-Networks infrastructure engineers’ team had been developed a public SIM-Cloud IaaS on an OpenStack platform. It upgrades systematically, to provide our customers with the best reliable and up-to-the-date cloud product.

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You can order a test of SIM-Cloud for purposes of evaluation and enjoy the benefits from our public cloud solution on a free trial for up to two weeks! Contact us right away.

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