Secure cloud

Secure cloud


Rent a cloud server

When planning to rent a cloud server, you probably evaluate your options by finding the answers to the following questions:

  • What exactly are you offered – a public cloud or a virtual private cloud

  • What is the virtualization system behind it

  • What makes this cloud secure, how are your data protected in it

  • How is fault tolerance facilitated in the cloud

  • Which instances are available in the cloud, could it be that the offer is just a set of ordinary virtual servers


Virtual cloud server is not just a ‘cloud VPS’

Cloud technologies are a new trend that gains momentum. Several hosting providers are now offering services in this realm. Some of their offers are ordinary virtual servers (VPS) deployed in a cluster of two or more servers. Those using such ‘cloud’ VPSs do not get the advantages of working with a fully-fledged cloud platform. They can’t manage their network between the client’s virtual machines (instances) within the cloud (routing, VPN), there is no flexibility in changing resources, no super-fast storage, no Backup as a Service, no capabilities to connect drives of different types to one virtual machines, and the list of features that are available to IaaS users but not provided by VPSs goes on.

Secure cloud

When creating SIM-Cloud – a secure fault-tolerant cloud – we focused on those and other critical aspects of building a cloud IaaS, and we are in a position to say that SIM-Cloud IaaS complies with the strictest possible evaluation criteria applicable for such projects.

  • SIM-Cloud IaaS is a secure Public Cloud created by seasoned German engineers based on reliable servers, network hardware and software from the world’s top providers..
  • Our cloud is built on top of OpenStack. This is one of the world’s most popular platforms supported by the top players in the IT industry: IBM, AT&T, Canonical, HP, Nebula, Rackspace, Red Hat, SUSE.
  • From our perspective, a secure cloud is a solution that facilitates physical security of the core infrastructure, trouble-free hardware operation, virtual infrastructure capacity and operation of particular client servers in the cloud, data integrity. We take care of those aspects by doing the following:
    • SIM-Cloud infrastructure is located in ISO27001 certified TIER III and TIER III+ data centers in Karlsruhe (Germany).

    • We use enterprise-level hardware to build reliable and powerful infrastructure with N+1 resource-layer redundancy. Hardware Encryption provides the optimal security of data. Each server rack is a generic element of a scalable system. Even if a whole server rack fails, it won’tbe a critical event affecting the system operation.

    • Multi-tenancy architecture: users are not visible to each other as they are logically segregated and cannot interact with each other.

  • When you order a pool of resources in our OpenStack Cloud, you get access to a full toolset that enables effective solutions for various problems, starting with deployment of a single virtual service (instance) up to IT infrastructure deployment into cloud.

Obviously, each cloud project and each particular problem require a detailed review. We are there to speak with you and to give you as much information as you need about SIM-Cloud IaaS, cloud servers, data protection in the cloud, backups and the way we facilitate fault tolerance in our secure cloud. Contact our Customer Care team via a chat or by sending an e-mail.