Cloud infrastructure services

Cloud infrastructure services

Cloud computing services provide a high level of optimization of corporate IT resources. Cloud infrastructure allows a business to push the envelope of traditional server solutions by increasing cost-efficiency, as well as facilitating management and support. These solutions give companies the kind of flexibility and reliability that are unachievable through the use of on-premises infrastructure.

SIM-Networks creates high-end IT systems for companies of any size. We offer cloud computing solutions based on our professional equipment located in two state-of-the-art data centers in Germany. Your data protection is ensured by hardware-based encryption, secure bandwidth channels, ISO/IEC 27001 compliance of our Tier III+ data centers and by German law.

Our ironclad SLA guarantees high levels of service.

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Our reliable cloud backup solution

Cloud Services for Business

Migration to the cloud

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1C in the cloud

1C in the cloud

Our web-hosting service based on 1C Bitrix


Cloud solutions There are multiple factors that may motivate a business to switch from on-premises infrastructure to cloud solutions, as well as inform its choice of cloud architecture.

Many growing businesses that can’t afford to expand their IT infrastructure by continuously purchasing expensive hardware and dedicating more and more physical space to their on-premises data centers choose public clouds. Furthermore, outsourcing infrastructure maintenance to a reliable provider rids you of the need to hire your own dedicated team of IT specialists.

Increased security is also a reason to choose the public cloud over on-premises infrastructure: most providers have data security experts on hand, ready to handle any issues that may arise.

If you are prepared to invest in a more customizable solution, the private cloud is an excellent choice. It offers the most freedom when it comes to configuration; not having to share the infrastructure with other users means that the needs and capabilities of your business are the only relevant factors besides the limitations of the hardware itself.

Private clouds comply with the highest international data security standards due to their total isolation on a physical level and the fact that they’re often managed directly by the user. This allows them to be used for all kinds of sensitive data, from banking information to medical records.

If the needs of your business cannot be satisfied by just one type of cloud architecture, the hybrid cloud is an excellent option. It combines the features of private and public clouds, allowing data and workloads to be easily transferred between them as needed. Private clouds are often used for critically important services, while workloads that come and go are stored in the public cloud.

Hybrid clouds are also future-proof: within them, private clouds are often used for critically important services, while workloads that come and go are stored in the public cloud. This allows companies to quickly adjust, increasing or decreasing the amount of resources dedicated to impermanent services and data while maintaining the basics in the private cloud.


Costs-effective corporate IT infrastructure

Tier III and Tier III+ data centers

Be confident in the security of your data with our ISO/IEC 27001-certified data centers located in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Capital and operating expenses

Enterprise-level computing

Our experts are proficient in the creation of cloud solutions for various businesses. Streamline your company’s operations with cloud infrastructure as a service.

Scaling public cloud infrastructure

Reliable information isolation

Your company’s data is only accessible to your company through encrypted channels. Other users cannot access it or interact with it in any way.

Secure public infrastructure

Fault tolerance

We use redundant components in order to ensure that individual hardware failures don’t affect the IT systems as a whole and your infrastructure keeps running smoothly.

Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud: the perks

  • The best of both worlds. The hybrid cloud allows you to profit from the benefits of private clouds, public clouds and on-premises infrastructure simultaneously.
  • Failure prevention. With your data distributed between clouds, the risk of a failure affecting it is beyond low.
  • Use whatever works best. Transfer workloads between clouds in order to process them more efficiently.
  • Prepare for the future. The hybrid cloud ensures that your business is prepared for any task that’s coming its way.

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Private cloud Service

Private cloud: the benefits of cloud solutions

  • High configurability. Choose the configuration and the hardware that meets the requirements of your business.
  • Extra security. Private clouds comply with the highest international data security standards.
  • Total isolation. Your infrastructure is completely isolated on a physical level; the hardware is all yours.
  • Near-infinite scaling. Enjoy the benefits of scaling in the cloud without the limitations of multi-tenancy.

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Public Cloud Service

Public cloud: 4 reasons to choose IaaS

  • Efficient budgeting. Spend less on IT and turn a capital expense into an operational one.
  • Simple scaling. Scale resources as your business grows without having to buy expensive hardware.
  • Put your business goals first. Focus on your company’s long-term goals while a team of professionals takes care of day-to-day maintenance.
  • Data safety. One failure won’t put your entire infrastructure out of commission and professional engineers will be there to promptly handle any issues.

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