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Cloud computing services are a technology of the future, delivering a high level of automation and optimization of corporate IT resources. Corporate cloud infrastructure allows the business to push the envelope of limited traditional server solutions. Migrating corporate infrastructure to a public cloud, or building a private cloud for business IT systems and apps, is a reasonable way to cost-efficiency in equipment management and support. On the other hand, these solutions give companies the kind of flexibility and reliability that are unachievable for on-premises infrastructure.

SIM-Networks creates high-end IT systems for companies of any size including enterprises. We offer business cloud computing solutions based on our professional equipment located at two date-of-the-art data centers in Germany. Your data protection ensures by hardware-based encryption, secured bandwidth channels, ISO/IEC 27001 compliance of Tier III+ classed data centers, and by Germany law.

Our ironclad SLA guarantees high standards of services.

Cloud infrastructure solutions offered by SIM-Networks

Nowadays, with a vast, decades-long experience in IT systems and infrastructure solutions, SIM-Networks provides the following cloud computing solutions:

  • Our public IaaS solution - SIM-Cloud. Within a public IaaS model, each user rents part of the computing capacities specified by an offer with the provider. All customers’ projects including data that deployed and stored in public IaaS, are separated from each other
  • A private cloud is a single-tenant cloud infrastructural turn-key project for an individual customer
  • A hybrid cloud is a resource distribution model of IT architecture within two or more environments that are managed from one point. E.g., some pieces of the infrastructure deployed either on-premises or in a corporate private cloud, and another part is located at a public cloud. Thus the hybrid solution can be easily scalable in peak workloads.

Cloud-based solutions are a profitable and handy way to orchestration the corporate infrastructures of any-sized companies. Cloud using obviates the business a necessity to invest in the purchase of server and network equipment, does not spend money on updating and supporting it and does not distract its staff from solving non-core tasks.

SIM-Cloud – infrastructure-as-a-service in Cloud

SIM-Cloud IaaS: the cloud solution developed by Germany provider

SIM-Cloud IaaS is a public cloud within the Infrastructure-as-a-Service model. SIM-Networks engineers developed the architecture of SIM-Cloud, and the IaaS solution has been built on the OpenStack platform.

The customer uses a cloud infrastructure as a service renting from a provider computing resource in the needed capacities. Thus the total project costs are reduced. Cloud solutions provider is responsible for the equipment maintaining, supporting, and upgrading.

Hardware-based security tools protect users’ data. At the same time, customers who work in the cloud simultaneously are separated from each other. Each user pays only for computing resources rented by him.

Cloud hosting of office applications is especially demanded by small and medium-sized companies, for which the cost of their own server equipment is unsuitable, but the speed of deployment and scaling are valuable.

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Private cloud

A private cloud is a custom-tailored solution

SIM-Networks can build a redundant private cloud for one customer, taking into account the company’s specifics and meeting all its needs. Reliability and high-availability during peak workloads are achieved due to guaranteed dedicated resources. This single-tenant solution provides maximum stability since only one customer uses the computing capacities. The high-level privacy protection ensures by various tools preferred by a customer.

Usually, customers would like to manage a private cloud independently, but that practice often is not sufficient. So, SIM-Networks offers its customers full or partial administration services.

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Cloud computing services: essentials

Cloud Services is an extensive concept that covers all of the IT services delivered by specialized providers and available to the user through an Internet connection. Using cloud services, customers just exploit their benefits, however various issues of technical supporting, hardware, and software updates, etc. are the responsibility of the cloud provider. SIM-Networks offers cloud services within the IaaS model.

IaaS, Infrastructure-as-a-service, is the result of virtualization, where a virtual machine is built based on a high-available cluster solution of powerful servers that contains the necessary resources – CPU, RAM, data storage, network components, etc. Depending on the customer's needs, the cloud infrastructure can be scaled. IaaS solutions for users can be implemented either as a some 'piece' of the Public Cloud, or as a Private Cloud single-tenant solution, or as a Hybrid Cloud with the infrastructure distributed between a part of the public cloud and the client’s private cloud or on-premises, as well as Multicloud solutions of distributed customer's infrastructure among several cloud IaaS of various providers.

Additional services designed for use in the cloud are also available to customers of IaaS solutions. This way, in SIM-Cloud IaaS, we offer such additional services in the cloud as Backup, VPN, Firewall, DNS, Notification, etc. for a more efficient solution of tasks in customers' projects.

BaaS - backup-as-a-service

SIM-Cloud BaaS – a high-end BackUp-as-a-service

Data security is the most valuable for today. We offer our customers a ready-made SIM-Cloud BaaS, the cloud backup service that saves the data even in the case of a system down

You can choose one of two types of SIM-Cloud BaaS — Local or Remote. Within Local BaaS, the backup storage is located in the same data center as your main infrastructure placed. In the case of Remote BaaS, the backup archives stored at the data center that is remote from your main IT infrastructure – this way ensures the ironclad data protection.

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Cloud migration

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