Partnership with SIM-Networks: easy, profitable, reliable

We invite business-centers, web-studios, 1C experts and system integrators for cooperation within a partner program!

Partner Program SIM-Networks participation terms are very easy as a piece of cake:

  1. you register in the program;
  2. recommend us to your customer;
  3. your customer use SIM-Networks products and services;
  4. you get your partner remuneration.

The customer pays – YOU EARN. Each month… FOR YEARS!

Partner payments are accrued monthly.

While the customers involved by you are using SIM-Networks’ services, you will be paid partner remuneration. If the involved customer increases the resources configuration or buys additional services, the amount of remuneration will be increased.

After registration in Partner program SIM-Networks, you get a ‘Launch Kit’ consisting of:

  • Alloted free account for service work testing (for limited period, but with the opportunity of prolongation)
  • Promo codes for discount of 50% for the first payment to attract the customers. The discount is valid for virtual hosting and VDS plans
  • Qualified support 24/7 for all projects placed
  • Opportunity to get a full complex of hosting services from one provider.

Cooperation within Partner program is possible in four formats. To learn more details please write or call us:

Head office in Karlsruhe (Germany): +49 721 781 79601

Representative office in Kyiv (Ukraine): +380 44 277 2610

Join Partner program and get your partner remuneration!