5 EUR as gift for honesty

Are you our client using SIM-Networks products for longer than one month? Well, you definitely have an opinion. Your feedback to our service and products is formed regardless of whether it’s your first experience being a hosting provider’s customer or whether you migrated to us from another one. Please use the testimonials section to let us know what you think!

Your feedback is really important to us! That’s the only way our expertise and customer care can improve, and we can offer the best IT solutions to our clients. And now we propose you to take some time taking part in our permanent offer "5 minutes for €5".

We buy only 5 (five) minutes of your time for €5 (FIVE!), and all we’re asking of you is to give us some honest feedback (using a link to your web site) at one of the web sources:

Your +€5 bonus will be available in your account at the SIM-Networks billing system, if:

  • you have been a SIM-Networks client for 1 month and longer;
  • you have purchased any SIM-Networks products and services;
  • you have submitted your testimonial at the one of the web sources listed above;
  • you have contacted our Customer Care service via the ticket system with the following details:
    • your billing login;
    • a full text of the testimonial;
    • link to the page with the testimonial.

Your €5 bonus can only be applied for purchasing any SIM-Networks products and services.

The bonus will only be given once. Note that you can take part in the "5 minutes for €5" promo again only after another 6 (six) months of your client experience!