Open-hearted hosting

Free Domain and WebHosting in Germany

One of some ways realizing our CSR politics is the permanent program ‘Open- hearted hosting’. We, SIM-Networks, give a free high-quality hosting and domain names to educational institutions, NGO, charitable and non-commercial organizations.

How to get it?

You should just send an application message to email:
The application has to contain the follow info:

  • your organization name and description;
  • current website URL (if you already have a website);
  • contact person details;
  • point what type of our web hosting plans or VDS do you need to get;
  • domain name and the contact details necessary for its register (if you need to order and pay the domain name).


And what next..?

We will eye up every application letter that we get, and in a case of the positive decision, we’ll have been contacting you during 72 hours after sending the application by you.

Our ‘Open-hearted hosting’ service is developed as the charitable measure, and we provide it only to the organizations which meet all criteria. If your application was thrown out because of the reason of commercial business of your institution, we highly recommend you to contact our Customer Care.

Attention, it’s important!

We provide the hosting and domain name free up to 12 months.
If you’d like to prolong free services, you should send your request to spread the hosting and domain name free use up to 12 months more. Your request should be sent to email: before your service’s using time expired.

Do you already use our free services? We will be grateful if you put on your website our small banner or link to the SIM-Networks web resource:

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