SIM-Cloud IaaS got new storage with increased IOPS

SIM-Cloud - Cold Storage

On the end of June 2019, SIM-Cloud engineers team implemented new storage, CS1, with increased IOPS by 50% compared by the previous type of storage.

Great news for those SIM-Networks customers, who operate our SIM-Cloud IaaS – on June 2019, SIM-Cloud developers team have upgraded the storage system based on Ceph solutions.

As a result, from June 21, 2019, the new storage type, CS1 (Cold Storage), was implemented instead of the previous one, Tier IV (SATA).

CS1 is a Cold Storage designed for low-load applications and system tasks, purposed to the low frequency of data input/output access — e.g., data archive and similar services. CS1 in SIM-Cloud uses for new volumes on instances creating.

Cold Storage CS1 technical parameters are the following:

  • Bandwidth – 200 MB/s
  • IOPS – 750.

Those parameters allow CS1 the most effective using for low-load systems, services, and apps.

So, now SIM-Cloud users have access to two storage types in the Ceph-based data storage system, as before:

  • CS1, storage, use for routine tasks with the low-load;
  • Tier II, universal storage, use for high-load apps with the intensive data exchange.

All of SIM-Cloud IaaS customers get CS1, and existing clients, who signed up SIM-Cloud services ‘till June 21, 2019, still have access to Tier IV (SATA) storage.  

And we should remain that new SIM-Cloud IaaS 5.0 will be released in the second half of 2019 after completing the infrastructure total upgrade.

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