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SIM-Networks is a brand of Netversor GmbH, the German IT infrastructure and cloud solutions provider for the B2B segment. Our company has a long and interesting history. Our IT expertise has evolved over nearly a decade and a half in the field of IT infrastructure and hosting. We develop and create the most up-to-date IT systems and infrastructure solutions located in our datacenters to serve customers worldwide.

We work intensively, and we like to spend our free time together. Our teamwork is built on mutual trust, responsibility, kindness, synergies, and mutual aid.

Team photo
Team photo

Each of us is a strong personality, but all we together are the united like-mindedness team. We are talented, proactive, and friendly. We take challenges without hesitation and looking for the best ways to solve issues.

We believe that business success is impossible without the success of each of the team. We have a stake in your professional and career growth. So, we give all our colleagues opportunities for using and upgrading their potential.

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Having been joined our Team, you will get:


The sustainable employment in the progressive IT Company, and permanent growth in competence and earned income


Variety of inspiring and interesting tasks from the first working days. Internal training


Tightly knit collegiate, and ergonomic office with the comfortable working environment

Our vacancies:

Headquarter (Germany)

Netversor GmbH / SIM-Networks

Greschbachstr. 29, 76229 Karlsruhe, Germany

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East European office (Ukraine)

SIM-Networks UA LLC

6 Volodymyra Sosiury Str., оffice 402, 02090 Kyiv, Ukraine

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Corporate values

Customer orientation

Our customer is in the limelight. We’re focused on customer’s needs, and expectations, and the services which the client is looking for. Our work is based on the individual approach to each of the customers.


We permanently surpass expectations. We generate new ideas and implement innovations in our work. We are initiative and easily take the lead to promote improvements in all of the aspects of the working process and office life.


We always strive to keep our promises. We do not ignore the problem but are looking for ways to solve it effectively. We acknowledge that we response to our customers and the Company for our promises and actions.


We work as effectively as possible. It means for us to use resources rationally, to implement tasks quickly and properly, to the pursuit of self-improvement constantly and to work with healthy perfectionism.


Each of us is a member of the Team. We acknowledge that the effective work of everyone is the key to the success of the whole team, which is achieved by well-coordinated work.

Our working days:

Our leisure:

Our corporate social responsibility

SIM-Networks corporate ethics is based on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development principles. Our position reflects on the environmental friendliness and community welfare.

Our CSR activities include the benevolent maintenance of social programs, educational projects, and non-profit charity organizations.

We fight for:

  • environmental protection
  • humanistic values of tolerance, equality, and justice
  • social responsibility to contemporaries and generations to come
  • saving and augmenting the civilization cultural values

We fight against:

  • environmental damage
  • animal cruelty
  • any discriminations
  • violation of human rights and freedoms


The International Charitable organization Caritas Ukraine sincerely appreciates SIM-Networks for the contributions to the charity mission performing.

Thanks to you, Caritas Ukraine can use high-quality, reliable hosting. Also, we have your assistance in various IT issues solving.

Mr. Andrij Waskowycz,
President of the international fund Caritas Ukraine

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I strive to evolve our team by involving effective professionals to work at the headquarter and representative offices of the Company.

Sergey Dolgushev,
CEO of Netversor GmbH