Why choose us?

  • Maximum customization

    Corporate IT infrastructure is effective when its project is customized meeting all the client needs and business requirements, - that is our basic principle. We create optimal projects for our clients, in accordance with this principle.

  • Customer Care

    Our Customer Care department is always for serving you. We can speak in 4 languages, and we can consult you on the each step of our partnership. If you need a help, just connect with us: 24/7/365 we are available.

  • Tech Support

    Our Tech Support experts never sleep – both in data centers and the Company’s offices. We will solve your technical issues at any time, 24/7/365. Great if you don't need us. Great that we are here for you when you do.

  • Free hosting for non-commercial projects

    Our charitable program “Open-hearted hosting” is oriented to free support of socially important NGO projects and educational institutions. We realize our CSR politics in action. Let’s make our world better together!

Best price!

  • Заголовок: SSD VPS XEN-M
    Fastest virtual private servers

    Processor Intel Xeon: 1 core
    RAM: 1 Gb
    SSD: 30 Gb

    Data Storage: 20 Gb

    12.50 per month

  • Заголовок: Dedicated server in Germany
    Reliable server with the free setup

    Processor: 2x Intel Xeon E5-2609
    RAM: 8 Gb
    Hard drives: 2х 500 Gb

    Data Storage: 100 Gb
    The server configuration is flexible: you can choose the parameters you need

    180 per month

  • Заголовок: Protected IaaS SIM-Cloud
    High-available Cloud IaaS in Germany

    +OpenStack platform based Cloud IaaS

    +All networks components are initialy redundant

    +Computing environment is based on the powerful processor base

    +Software-Defined Storage is Ceph

    from 21.20 per month

  • Заголовок: Dedicated servers sale
    Server rental is easy

    Processor: Intel Xeon E3-1230
    RAM: 16 Gb
    Hard drive: 4x 3 Tb SATA

    Fast server activation - right in the day of the order.
    Setup is Free!

    130.00 per month


Why did we choose InfiniBand
Throughput capacity inside the cloud is very important because the quality of the product purchased from the provider depends on it. Why did we choose Infiniband 56G to create our cloud IaaS SIM-Cloud, you can learn from our publication.
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Formula of hosting-provider customer-orientation in German
Sergei Dolgushev, CEO and founder of Netversor GmbH, West German hosting provider, servicing Russian speaking customers since 2009 under SIM-Networks brand, shared his experience on how truly German customer-orientation is working.
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Cloud solutions for smart-technologies, IoT and automatization systems
On February 16-17, 2017 г. SIM-Networks Company participated in exhibition-conference SmartBuilding-2017. The event dedicated to contemporary smart technologies and their application in our life took place in International congress-center “Ukrainskiy Dom”, Kyiv.
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Backups and hosters: some myths, some truth…
The importance of backups is hard to be overestimated, especially if the current IT environment considering. But! While the backup is the great headache pill to most of IT experts, backup is permeated with myths. Let’s demythologize it now!
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